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2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Electric Bikes

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid - Leisure, Hybrid and Touring Electric Bikes

By Martin Brown |

Old bike, new tricks. The 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid model range is as almost as old as e-bikes themselves yet with continual model development it returns each year with new components and specification to keep it at the very forefront of hybrid and leisure riding at a value point which other brand just can't compete with.  


2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Models. Which Cube Touring Hybrid is right for you? 

The Cube Touring Hybrid range is vast. So vast in fact that we don't stock them all because it would take up too much space even in our 170 bike showroom!

The 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid is actually 6 different bikes, each with 3 different frame options and offered in alternate colours ways in 5 different sizes. The Cube Touring Hybrid name is found on 90 different bikes for 2024! 

The 6 different bikes offer varying levels of specification at individual price points, but we hand pick just the best value models which for this year, means we're stocking the 3 best options. 


What's the difference between the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid One, Pro and EXC? 

Cube make all of the their bikes in multiple specification options and the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid model range is no different. With dozens of potential options, we trim the range down to just the best value models to make life easier for our customers.

Those new to eBikes can find the choice of bikes very confusing so we aim to take out the hard work but hand picking the models we know will best suit the largest proportion of riders, while ensuring we offer the best possible value for money in them models picked by our experts each year. 

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid EXC Crossbar rear pannier rack

The 2024 Touring Hybrid One is their entry level bike, designed for newer or "lighter use" riders. Those who often only do shorter rides of sub-50 miles, mostly stick to paved or hard pack surfaces, don't carry much on the bike or otherwise wont be out on it every day will find that the One model has everything they need (and possible a little more too!). The Touring Hybrid One covers most riding at a price point which makes sense for less frequent or demanding riders.

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Electric bike Comfort fit Sequence saddle

The 2024 Touring Hybrid Pro is often the most highly sought after and most sold model in their range each year. Offering an increase in brake, suspension and gear component value, it lends itself to those who like to be out every weekend, taking in the tracks, trails and countryside views as readily as carrying a weeks worth of shopping on its frame integrated pannier rack. Since this is the most common type of leisure style electric bike rider, it also offers the best value to most. 

Up from the Pro model, the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid EXC offers a modest jump in specification for just a small increase in cost. The first in the model line to get 12 gears and 4 piston brakes, hills become flatter and it'll pull you, your bike and its luggage to a stop quickly and easily, even in the worst conditions. 

Easy Entry, Uni, or Crossbar? 

As well as multiple specification and colour options, Cube also produce the 2024 Touring Hybrid models in multiple frame styles and there really is no right or wrong answer on this part. Its entirely personal preference, but there are a few things which are worthwhile considering. 

The Crossbar model, normally seen as a "men's" bike offers the traditional horizontal crossbar. 

The Trapeze or "Uni" frame still has a crossbar, but its positioned much lower, which dramatically reduces the stand-over height of the bike. 

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Electric Bike Range

The Easy Entry or "Easy" has no crossbar at all and is great for those with issues with mobility or range of motion. 

When purchasing a bike, especially as riders get older, its worthwhile considering how long you plan to keep the bike and where you see your abilities in the next 8-10 years (or more!) that these bikes are designed to last. 

Problems with knees, hips and backs rarely ease with age and in most cases they will continue to decline, even if only very slowly. If you can just about get a leg over a crossbar right now, would it be worth while considering a Uni or Easy frame now, rather than potentially trading it in much earlier than would have you seeing the best value from it? 

A full Crossbar, Uni or Easy Entry option is available on all our of stocked models. 

New updates from Bosch for 2024

The 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid range has once again undergone a complete overhaul for the new model year. Much of this is directly influenced by the introduction by Bosch of their new "Smart System" technology. 

As well as yet another brand new frame (it was only updated last year!), the motor, which is still the same well trusted Bosch Performance Line Generation 3 powerplant they've been using for many years, has now had a major update and offers and increased 75Nm of torque - only 10 less than their most powerful Generation 4 Performance CX! 

As well as the new motor, there are now two new display systems being used on the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid models. 

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Models

Manufacturing nearly 200 models each year, we trim the Cube Touring Hybrid range down to the best value options most suited to the type of people who ride them most. 

Below are the models we've hand picked for the 2024 model year. 


Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 2024

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 Crossbar

The entry level model in the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid range but packing some exceptional features for its price point, the Touring Hybrid One gets an 11-36t Shimano Alivio 9 speed gear set up, MT200 hydraulic brakes and a plush set of 63mm travel Suntour forks. The Bosch Generation 3 motor and 500Wh battery make this a truly exceptional value leisure bike and weekly shop carrier. At £2,499, you'll struggle to find another Gen 3 powered bike offering the same specification. 

Learn more about the Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 Crossbar, Touring Hybrid One 500 Uni or Touring Hybrid One 500 Easy. 

Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 625 2024

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 625 Uni

The mid tier model in the range, the 2024 Touring Hybrid Pro offers a significant jump in specification for only a modest extra outlay. On top of the specification of the Touring Hybrid One riders get a suspension seat post, Intuvia 100 display screen, adjustable stem, wider range rear cassette, a frame integral rack and of course a 625Wh battery. All of this extra specification comes at only £400 more than the entry level model, with the Pro costing £2,899. It also comes in two colours!

Learn more about the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 625 Crossbar, Touring Hybrid Pro 625 Uni or Touring Hybrid Pro 625 Easy. 

Cube Touring Hybrid EXC 625 2024

2024 Cube Touring Hybrid EXC 625 Easy Entry

Our top specification model for this year, the 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid EXC is engineered to outlast and outride its competitors at a price-point which others simply don't compete with. Including all of the specification of the Pro model, it also adds air suspension, a Shimano XT group set with ultra-wide ratio gearing to scale even the biggest of hills while fully loaded as well as a more powerful set of anchors to bring it all to a stop. 

Learn more about the Cube Touring Hybrid EXC 625 Crossbar, Touring Hybrid EXC 625 Uni or Touring Hybrid EXC 625 Easy. 

Ready to buy your new 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid? 

The Cube Touring Hybrid range is always one of the best value bikes money can buy. No other models offer the same level of specification for the money and for this reason alone, they sell in their tens of thousands in Europe every year.

With dozens of government backed investment plans into local and national infrastructure due to be implemented in 2024, there's never been a better time to get out and explore what the UK trails have to offer and you can see them all on a new 2024 Cube Touring Hybrid electric bike. 

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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