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New Bosch 2021 Electric Bike Features Revealed

First Look: Bosch eBike Features for 2021 Revealed

By Ben Mowbray |

We take a look at the new Bosch eBike features revealed for 2021 electric bikes. Each year, Bosch make updates to their hardware and software and you can learn all about the new Bosch Performance Line CX 2021 and other components, right here.

New Bosch Performance Line CX 2021 Motor Updates

The Bosch Performance Line CX 2021 motor is one of the most advanced on the market. Utilising multiple sensors which communicate over 1000 times per second, these sensors relay information require to bring you the most precise/powerful eBike assistance offering maximum agility and control.

For 2021 it gets a whole lot better, in a host of different ways. Read on to find out more...

NEW - Increased Bosch Motor Drive Torque

Bosch CX 2021 - Bosch has increased the motor torque to 85Nm, up from the previous 75Nm, achieving a 12.5% increase on torque across the board. This torque increase has a noticeable effect on riding behaviour.

New 2021 Bosch CX Motor Supports Up To 85Nm

The new CX motor allows for faster acceleration, particularly on standing hill starts but also at lower cadences. The new Performance Bosch CX 2021 update keeps the high 340% assistance available to the rider.

NEW - Bosch CX "Extended Boost"

Extended Boost for 2021 is a brand new function for working your way through the really rough stuff. Exposed roots, steps and stairs, boulders and everything in between can be traversed with ease, even when heading uphill.

Bosch 2021 eBike Performance CX Motor

This totally new and unrivalled function allows for a much-improved level of manoeuvrability. The unique dynamic of the new Extended Boost function allows the rider to overcome obstacles with ease simply by applying the correct amount of pressure to the pedal.

Bosch's innovative function in eMTB mode can be controlled to great effect across all terrain types; with the front wheel is already on a step, slight pedal pressure is all it takes to provide that needed "kick" up - A whole new level of pedal management!

New CX Hardware Features:

Up to 340% assistance in Turbo Mode.
Cadence support up to 120 RPM.
Torque increased to 85Nm.
Weight: Circa 2.9 Kg.

NEW - Bosch CX "Perfect Control"

The freshly tweaked eMTB mode now gives you even better control on the trail without any need to flick between riding modes. A new firmware upgrade allows the motor to respond far more sensitively to rider input, especially in low gears, making even those seemingly near-vertical hill starts a much smoother affair!

Bosch's all-new Advanced eMTB mode makes sure that eBikers of all abilities are best equipped for whatever riding situation the trail may throw up on the day.

Bosch eMTB Mode Advanced for eBike in 2021

New hardware control

Brand new sensor/motor control functions give eBikers a much wider range of both dynamic and natural support. Using torque sensors to measure pedal pressure, Bosch's progressive motor support adapts to any riding situation.

The newly improved adjustment of eMTB mode in the latest update ensures optimum control of traction. Start-up torque is also overhauled - it's now much finer and more sensitive, especially so in lower gears.

All of this will help beginners - the Bosch electric bike is now 'easier' to ride. There's a broader cadence range and if the rider misses or selects the wrong gear whilst accelerating out of bends, the system will respond with more or less power to help the rider by managing the assistance in the most advanced and natural way to date.

Not buying a new 2021 Bosch eBike?

Already bought a 2020 bike? No problem! All of these features will be backwards compatible with the 2020 Bosch Gen 4 CX Motor and will be available from us exclusively for our eBike customers as part of our routine maintenance/servicing offering.

New 2021 Bosch Nyon eBike Control

The new Bosch Nyon control for 2021 not only takes the Nyon to a new level but also hosts a whole new range of features in a smaller, neater but still very smart shell.

A whole new screen


New 2021 Bosch Nyon Navigation Controls

The new 2021 Bosch Nyon eBike Controller paves the way for a new generation of eBiking. The new eBike Connect App seamlessly integrates smartphones and the new Bosch Nyon controller to share data about activities and routes taken.

The new 3.23 inch TFT colour Touchscreen display acts as a "Smart Guide", assisting the rider while exploring unknown areas. It also neatly doubles as a personal trainer, providing real-time and historical fitness data.

This new "AIO" on-board computer is devilishly simple to use with a simple, well laid out touchscreen and the familiar Nyon bar controls.

eBike Connect App


New 2021 Bosch Nyon Custom Ride Screen

The eBike Connect App connects the Nyon with the smartphones & exchanges data about routes/activities.

The colour display supports the pedelec rider as a smart guide when exploring previously unknown places & acts as a personal trainer by providing fitness data. The all-in-one on-board computer can be operated intuitively & easily via the touchscreen. It's controlled by means of the separate control unit while riding.

Equally at home on long rides or short routine trips: The robust and easy-to-read display ensures that eBikers are well equipped for every situation and all weather conditions. The new Nyon on-board computer - a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.

Nyon Control Hardware Features:

Transmissive 3.23-inch TFT colour display with touch functionality (16 million colours).
Approx. 6GB available memory.
Optimised anti-reflex coating.
Operation via the separate Remote Compact control unit.
Two buttons for switching on/off and light.
Walk Assist button on the separate Remote Compact control unit.
Two installation positions.
Integrated high-precision GNNS navigation module.
Fast double-core processor.
High-resolution barometric pressure sensor.
Ambient light sensor automatically controls the display's backlight.
Integrated rechargeable battery.
When the IPX5 USB cap is closed, it is protected against the elements.
Micro-AB-USB port for charging the Nyon battery & external devices.
Temperature range: –5 °C to +40 °C (operation) and –10 °C to +50 °C (storage).

New Bosch Kiox Display Navigation 2021 Functions

Bosch brings new functionality to the Kiox display for 2021. The Bosch Kiox is relatively new to the Bosch eBike Systems family but they've adapted it to bring new features to the rider.

NEW for the 2021 Bosch Kiox - Navigation

For the first time ever, Bosch bring a full navigation suite to the Bosch Kiox display. The perfect combination of functionality in a small and easy to use user interface.

New 2021 Bosch Kiox eBike Display Route Navigation

Keeping you on the right track: The new 2021 Kiox navigation function supports eBikers as they head out through unfamiliar areas (or need a hand finding the way home!).

The on-board computer is connected via Bluetooth and navigation started using the smartphone and indicates the planned ride to the user set destination.

Precise Orientation

Keeping it on a swivel: The all-new Navigation function on the 2021 Bosch Kiox is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of even the most indecisive of eBikers. The view on the display constantly rotates to the direction of travel while riding, making it ultra-simple to navigate even the twistiest of trails!

Simple Route Planning

Find your own way: eBikers can easily plan routes using the Bosch eBike Connect app or online portal and simply send them to Kiox via the eBike Connect app.

Bosch 2021 eBike Portal for PC and Smartphone

You can download the eBike Connect app for a smartphone on the Google Play Store or alternatively the Apple Store.

Customised Display

Bosch allow the rider to preset ride screens based on what you want as the rider. Maybe you require different values presented on one screen? Now that is possible.

New 2021 Bosch Kiox eBike Display Custom Ride Screen

View your own way: With multiple screens and a choice of riding data to be displayed. You can toggle between ride screens at the flick of a button whilst riding.

You can easily configure Kiox and adapt it to your own preference. This new feature allows eBikers to focus purely on the thing they enjoy: eBiking!

Kiox Hardware Features:

Transmissive 1.9-inch colour display made from unbreakable glass.
Operation via the separate Remote Compact control unit.
Walk Assist button on the separate Remote Compact control unit.
The display mount is installed on the stem.
Two buttons for on/off and light directly on the display.
Ambient light sensor automatically controls the display's backlight .Integrated rechargeable battery delivers power in off-board mode for approx. 20 minutes.
When the IPX7 USB cap is closed, it is protected against brief immersion in water.
Micro-AB-USB port for eBike system diagnostics by the dealer and for charging the Kiox.
Temperature range: –5 °C to +40 °C (operation) and –10 °C to +50 °C (storage).

New Bosch 2021 Features Summary

Now you know all the new features Bosch has introduced for 2021. Watch this handy video summarising some of the new features:

Most Bosch eBikes are fully backwards compatible with some or all of the functions above, in particular, the new Performance CX torque improvement update. As with all updates, it will be available from us on your next service at no cost!

Ready to start your eBike journey? View all our Bosch powered eBikes here.

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