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haibike production line

Could the new Haibike 2014 Gen 2 Electric Bikes be caught up with the Bosch Production Line Delays?

By Martin Brown |

Since the new 2014 Bosch eBike Motor design was announced at Eurobike this year. The demand for the new Performance and Active lines has been massive. With electric bikes on the up-rise Bosch announced that their new unit could be caught in production delays. But will this after the new Gen 2 Haibikes we are all so excited about? Bosch explained that they knew production of both the current 'Classic' and the 'Performance' & 'Active' lines would grow.

Bosch eBike Factory Production Line But the Bosch factory (Pictured Left) under estimated the demand that grew after they announced the new system.

Bosch eBike Systems Director Sales & Service Claudia Wasko says -
The investments in additional capacity and extra production shifts including weekends at Bosch and suppliers proves insufficient to eliminate the bottlenecks.

Wasko went on to say-
It will take at least till the second quarter of 2014 to resolve the current backlog

Bosch eBike Factory Production Line For model year 2015 Wasko assures additional investments in production capacity to shorten the lead times for the Bosch e-bike systems. For us at e-bikeshop, the big question is - Will this be affecting the supply of the new 2014 Gen 2 models Haibike is supplying with the Performance Bosch Motor? Well speaking to our sources, Haibike have announced production of the Gen 2 models is in full swing. They have been extensively testing and designing the new style frames for some time now.

Haibike 2014 xDuro eBikes in Production NDURO Gen 2 The new Gen 2 models have been totally re-designed with all new features, components, geometry and a whole new line of models. Not just to incorporate the new motor but to overcome the issues with chain line / long wheel base on full suspension models. With this promising image of the first batch of Gen 2 frames released to us just now (Shown left). It proves Haibike is well ahead of the crowd. Its not surprising as Haibike's German factory is literally just down the road from Bosch. Haibike has also been one of Bosch's eBike Systems biggest customer from the start. They are one of the only company's to solely use the Bosch system on their xDuro ebikes. Haibike almost certainly offer the biggest range too. Haibike was one of the first manufacturers to start integrating the new Motor System into their eBikes too so its not surprising that Bosch want to keep Haibike on their side. So can Haibike keep up with the demand too?

Haibike xDuro Production Line eBikes Well we have had conformation that the first batch of Gen 2 models should be arriving with us at e-bikeshop in early 2014. With January being the expected supply date. You have to remember that every Haibike electric bike is hand built in their factory in Schweinfurt, Germany. (Pictured Right)

Haibike xDuro Production lineTo conclude, it seems that as usual with Haibike their will be limited numbers available. Although Haibike have ramped up production over the past couple of years. The fact that its such a sought after product keeps the demand high on their niche products. The product is so desirable that its often stock levels that let it down. That said I believe that the people who really want the product always reserve models in pre-orders. We will be looking to close pre-orders on the new Gen 2 models in advance of the January due date. I would therefore strongly suggest anyone who is after a particular model to contact us to get their name down on a ebike with a small deposit. View the new Haibike Electric Bike Range for 2014.

Haibike NDURO PRO 26 2014 xDuro eBike It is expected that after the first batch has been and gone; the second batch could be due in the later part of summer 2014. Partly because of the recent delays in the Bosch factory, but also due to the fact that Haibike will be supplying a bigger range under more demand. So anyone who does miss the boat can reserve off the next batch but unfortunately will probably miss most of the summer. If you require any further info please call us on 01252 279 279 (Ask for Martin).

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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