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Bosch electric bike performance line system 2014 in the UK

New 2014/15 Bosch Electric Bike Kit at a Glance

By Martin Brown |

I know some of you have already been asking me about the new 2014/15 Bosch kit, so here is a glance at some more details.The current motor will follow through to next year and run alongside the new motor design. Its likely the new motor will only be mounted on higher end models and there will probably be a decent price tag alongside these bikes.The current motor will still be the most popular choice for manufacturers. Down to lead times and cost at present. Its likely the new motor will be a more popular choice on 2015 models which we are a long way off yet.There will be 2 classes of motor available - the Performance Line & Active LineThe Performance line will offer assistance levels up to 275% with the active line offering a more subtle 225%.

New Performance Line

Bosch_eBike_Performance-Line 2014With the Performance Line, a drive system exists today for all who have recognised ebikes as the most modern form of transportation: for fast riders, for the physically fit, for commuters and for anyone who likes to ride dynamically. In short, for anyone who has no time to lose or who wants to transcend new athletic limits. Whether with Cruise (25 km/h) or Speed (45 km/h), the Performance Line brings a mass of energy and momentum to the street, to the dirt road, to the pass, to the single trail. The powerful drive system is both impulsive and controllable. With the highest precision, its performance is combined with that of the ebiker, generating sporty support that dominates every terrain and every gear. From flat to steep. From moderate to full power. The inner values are complemented by an equally impressive exterior. Design and ergonomics combine a high level of aesthetics and usability.

Drive Unit

Bosch_eBike_Performance-Line 2014 MotorThe difference is the technology behind the new modern anthracite-coloured design of the components. With 1000 sensor readings per second, the Drive Units Performance Cruise (25 km/h) and Speed (45 km/h) continuously calculate the actual and target speed of the journey. The drive thus transmits force that is perfectly matched to the ebiker. The optimal balance of performance and range is also a matter of pure enjoyment.

Intuvia Display Unit

Intuvia_Performance_Bosch-2014-headunitIn a new design to match the lines, the cycle computer Intuvia is something to be seen: in the colours of anthracite in the Performance Line and platinum in the Active Line. With Intuvia Performance and Intuvia Active, high-precision distance measurements are also possible. The ebiker himself can make fine adjustments to the wheel circumference at the touch of a button. A USB port allows you to charge external hardware such as smartphones and MP3 players. Both Performance and Active line's offer the ability of switching between the five riding modes plus walk assistance and calling up information such as speed, charging state, distance and much more could not be easier.Even when removed from the ebike, Intuvia remains a useful information tool that makes it possible for you to retrieve all your tour data.

Power Pack

Powerpack_400_F_Performance-2014-batteryThe PowerPacks 300 and PowerPacks 400 are the batteries with unparalleled energy density. They are now even easier to install and remove, and they also support charging directly on the bike. A special charging socket with a protective cover provides maximum safety during charging.


Bosch-2014-ebike-chargerTogether with its cable, the Charger weighs less than 800 grams. The improved charging plug and a practical hook-and-loop strip for cable sorting simplify handling. The new battery charging device is designed without air vents, which prevents contamination and makes it more robust.

Range Estimations (In Km/h)

Bosch 2014 Motor Expected Range for EbikeThis kit looks exciting, offering assistance levels up to 275%.. We will probably look at getting this kit onto the bikes in 66 months or so once the system is a little tried and tested and any teething problems refined out. Like I said above the current (tried and tested) Bosch kit will continue to be used with many ebikes and will run alongside the new kit rather than be replaced. View our Bosch powered Electric Bikes
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