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Difference Between the Gocycle GS and the Gocycle G3

What is the difference between the Gocycle GS & the Gocycle G3?

By Martin Brown |

Gocycle has just added the Gocycle GS to run alongside the Gocycle G3, but what is the difference you may ask? Let's compare both Gocycle's side by side. We've been a Premium Gocycle reseller for many years now, starting with the Gocycle G2 and evolving into the state of the art Gocycle G3. The Gocycle is a market leading product, however, they now set out to release the Gocycle GS base model to run alongside the G3.

So what's the difference?

We'll break this down into some key areas to keep simple. On the surface the Gocycle G3 and GS may seem similar, we'll take a deeper look. Let's start with the basics:

Gocycle G3

Gocycle GS

Charge Time

3.5 hour

7 hour


16.7 kg

16.5 kg




Looks & Appearance

Both Gocycle G3 and the GS look similar in their design, that's because they share the same frame and wheels. You'll notice the GS is only available in Grey & White and it's defined by the coloured swingarm (CleanDrive) and the 'S' logo printed on the side.

Gocycle G3 and GS eBike Cable Routing The Gocycle G3 is available in 3 colours: Black, White & Electric Blue. Visually we also offer the Gocycle G3 with a 'Base Pack' included in the price (Normally £169). This includes the folding side leg, centre kickstand and a coil shock lock for securing your bike when parked. The Gocycle GS also uses different handlebars, saddle, grips, pedals and the cables are routed externally, where-as on the Gocycle G3 the cables are fully internal within the frame. The additional Gocycle accessories all fit on both the Gocycle GS and the G3.

Gocycle G3

Gocycle GS



Two Tone

Cable Routing




Fits All

Fits All


As the Gocycle GS and the G3 use the same frame and wheels, the handling is similar. The Gocycle G3 it's fitted with ergonomic grips for more support. Also up front, the G3 handlebars are adjustable in height, the Gocycle GS is in a fixed height handlebar position.

Gocycle G3 and GS eBike Handlebar Adjustment The saddle is an Ergo Comfort saddle on the Gocycle G3 over the standard saddle on the GS. The pedals on the Gocycle G3 are sealed bearing, platform pedals (also available in folding) where-as the Gocycle GS comes as standard with folding pedals. So this means all contact points including the handlebar grips, saddle and pedals are different between Gocycle G3 and Gocycle GS models.

Gocycle G3

Gocycle GS


Ergo Comfort



D2 Comfort

Velo Sport

Handlebar Adjustment

Height & Reach


User Interface

The UI is where things really differ between models. Not to mention the ergonomic features we talked about above. On the Gocycle G3, the handlebars have an edge to edge built-in display to give parameters such as speed, gear indication, battery level and power assist.

Gocycle G3 and GS eBike Dashboard DisplayThe Gocycle GS features a hollow handlebar with no display. You need to connect your phone to for access to such parameters. This smartphone application is also compatible with the Gocycle G3 should you wish to use it in addition to the built-in dash display. The Gocycle G3 also has an integrated Daytime Running Light (DRL) built into the handlebars for safety. Alongside this, the G3 uses rotary shifters to change gear, access assistance modes and adjust the light beam built into the end-to-end display.

Gocycle G3

Gocycle GS

LED Display



Daytime Running Light



Handlebar Dash

Built-In Display

No Dash Display

Gear Shifting

Both Gocycle models have a built-in 3-speed hub within the 'CleanDrive'. The drivetrain is completely enclosed from the elements meaning no maintenance and no dirty clothes!

Gocycle G3 CleanDrive Colour Gocycle GS CleanDrive Colours Where the models differ is in the shifting. The Gocycle GS has mechanical shifting by the rider, using cables and a twist grip shifter. The Gocycle G3 however, has complete predictive shifting, electronically, where the user just rides and the gears adjust accordingly. You can however still electronically change manually on the Gocycle G3 should you wish by using the built-in electronic rotary shifter on the handlebars. The rotary shifters are built into the handlebars, with the left controlling various features including high and dipped beam on the Daytime Running Light (DRL) and the right-hand rotary shifter controlling the gears.

Gocycle G3

Gocycle GS


Electronic Predictive


Gear Display

LED Dash



Electronic Rotary

Mechanical Twist


To conclude we expect there will be demand for the basic Gocycle GS. We see it similar to the iPhone model strategy, Apple launches an iPhone and in a basic 'S' version alongside too. Both make calls and receive texts, but one has more features than the other. Typically the higher spec model is higher in demand.

Gocycle GS and the Gocycle G3 Electric Bike The Gocycle GS & the Gocycle G3 are similar to the iPhone model listed above, in that they both have wheels and roll down the road, but the Gocycle G3 offers more features over the GS. Which Gocycle is for you? Only you can decide.

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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