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Raleigh Captus 2015 Low Step Electric Bike

First Look: Raleigh Captus 2015 Bosch Electric Bike Preview

By Martin Brown |

We announce the new Raleigh Captus electric bike today to compliment the Raleigh eBike range for 2015. This Bosch powered electric bike is the younger brother to the Raleigh Motus already available.

Why Raleigh Captus?

The Raleigh Captus will follow the Motus into the 2015 season at a lower price point and a specification to match. Whilst the Motus retails at £2000 the Captus will come in at just £1750 to offer a more budget friendly eBike into the range without breaking the bank. As with the Motus the Raleigh Captus will be available in both Low Step & Cross Bar variants. This bodes well as a 'his & hers' or the low step unisex version is suitable for those looking for easy manoeuvrability.

Raleigh Captus 2015 Cross Bar Electric Bike

What is the Raleigh Captus designed for?

The Captus is a hybrid style, trekking bike. Its suitable for road riding with larger 700c fast rolling wheels. This electric bike can also be used on light cycle paths, bridleways and canal paths etc. This style of bike is popular with commuters and leisure riders alike, due to its versatility, its not just restricted to the road which means darting across that field on the way to work or riding along the river side becomes a viable option.

What do you get on the 2015 Captus?

It comes pre equipped with all those essentials - Mudguards, Prop Stand, Comfy Saddle, Adjustable Stem, Semi Wrap Back Handlebars & a pannier rack on the low step version. The Raleigh Captus comes with the latest Bosch Active line system to offer the latest technology for maximum range, reliability and usability. You can read more about the Bosch system here.

Chain Guard on Cross Bar Raleigh Captus 2015

Raleigh Captus Components out the box?

The components on the Raleigh Captus are well thought out with a derailleur gear and light weight V Brakes. The Captus benefits from 700c alloy double wall rims for strength and a corrosion free finish. The tyres on this model are a hybrid tyre suitable for both road and light of road and have a puncture resistant lining within them. Adding to a comfortable ride is an adjustable stem, with slight wrap back bars. These handlebars give a nice natural position whilst riding and offer dual zone comfort rubber grips. The saddle is comfortable out the box and we have a suspension fork on the front to take the shock out of the road. The suspension forks are low travel and designed just to take the edge off the terrain. The user can also lock them out whilst riding up hill to conserve energy. 

What's the Verdict?

On first impressions the Raleigh Captus is finished in a lovely Satin finish. Its not completely matte and not glossy, so it looks rather more expensive than the price tag it possesses, but is also easy to clean. Those looking for a slightly better specc'd bike should check out the Captus's older brother - The Motus. But the 2015 Captus offers an affordable way onto a Bosch crank drive eBike without breaking the bank. For just a little more you can be in possession of a lightweight Bosch equipped trekking bike over any hub drive eBike, offering more durability and a reliable well respected system.

2-15 Bosch Controls on Raleigh Captus

When can I get one?

We are expecting first stock of the Captus in January 2015. As the Motus has proved twice already, it's sure to sell out ahead of arriving. Please find more information, pictures, reviews & full specification on each model preview here: Raleigh Captus Low Step 2015 & Raleigh Captus Cross Bar 2015

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