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We take a look at the new Gocycle GX Electric Folding Bike

Gocycle GX Electric Folding Bike Review: Is this the Brompton killer?

By Martin Brown |

Today Gocycle announced a new era of electric folding bike. Codenamed the Gocycle GX, it's the first electric bike in the range to physically fold down in seconds.

The new Gocycle GX folds in under 10 seconds due to its ingenious design. The frame folds in half and the handlebars fold down too, thanks to its special quick release mechanism. Ex-Formula 1 engineer and Gocycle company director Richard Thorpe said:-

The Gocycle GX is probably the most important product we have launched since the G2 back in 2012. It will be aimed directly at the Commuter & anyone else looking for a fast folding or compact electric bike. We feel that there is no product on the market that will offer the same level of lightweight performance & folding versatility of the GX and initial presentations of the prototype have supported this view

New Gocycle GX eBike Features

The GX is the first bike from Gocycle where the wheels can remain in place as the bike is folded. This also doubles up as a handy rolling chassis when folded so the user can push the bike along with ease using the saddle and a handle.

Riding The Gocycle GX Electric Bike Review On top of this, no items at all need to be removed from the bike to fold it down. Hence the quick 10-second fold and usability. This includes QR bolts, battery, mudguards and lights. With all other generations of Gocycle, the battery is positioned within the frame and not designed to be removed for charging.

On the new Gocycle GX, the battery can easily be removed from the frame and charged away from the bike. The Gocycle GX is fitted with high volume Vredestein tyres with low rolling resistance and more all-weather tread than the standard Gocycle Performance tyre. The grips have also been updated to comfy ergonomic grips to offer comfort up top too.


Is this a Brompton electric killer?

The Brompton folding electric bike and Gocycle GX sit very closely when it comes to price, with the Gocycle GX at £2899 and the Brompton electric bike starting at £2595.

Gocycle GX vs Brompton Electric Folding Bike Review The Brompton electric bike has small wheels, a big battery on the front and all the chain, spokes and cogs etc. exposed. Whereas the Gocycle GX is completely enclosed and has the battery positioned centrally within the frame. It'll likely fold down quicker and into a smaller space too. Although the Brompton does have lights and mudguards included, the Gocycle GX can be specified with these, should they be required. Ultimately we'll let you decide if the Gocycle GX is a Brompton killer? Drop a comment below.


What do we think?

This is certainly a game changer for both Gocycle and the industry too. Now we can offer a modern, clean and practical folding electric bike for sub £3k. Whether it is for riding to work or popping in the back of the car for a leisurely Sunday ride, the Gocycle GX has it covered!

Many features are shared from the current Gocycle GS & G3 which will run alongside the Gocycle GX moving forward. This includes the clean, ergonomic frame design, the clean drive which has all moving parts contained, the 300Wh battery and of course the smartphone connectivity. You can choose from 3 Gocycle GX colours: Black, White and Blue.

The Gocycle GX 2019 in Three Colours, Black, White & Blue You can view the full spec of the new Gocycle GX here. We are taking reservations now for delivery in April for all those early on the list with a small £199 deposit.

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