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New 2023 Haibike Lyke Electric Bikes

Introducing the Haibike Lyke Electric Bike Range 2023

By Martin Brown |

Join us in introducing the new 2023 Haibike Lyke electric bike models combining a lightweight carbon fibre frame, brand new Fazua Ride 60 eBike drive system, top shelf componentry & super sharp looks. The Haibike Lyke is aimed at a market shifting towards lower power & ever lighter electric mountain bikes.


What you need to know about the Lyke?

It's super light weight
The new 2023 Haibike Lyke is the lightest Haibike eBike Haibike has ever made! Focussed on trail riders that need a light-weight hill killer that's not the regular weight of an eMTB.

It's controlled, fast & predictable
Combining a light-weight frame alongside the new Fazua Ride 60 eSystem, the Lyke is as controlled as a regular MTB, but fast and predicable to get you up the climbs as fast and with the most fun possible!

It's the sleekest looking Haibike
The whole Fazua Ride 60 system is integrated neatly into the Haibike carbon frame. Super sharp lines and modern geometry. Could this be the sleekest Haibike ever to be made? We think so...

The 2023 Haibike Lyke comes in 3 model spec's

The new Haibike Lyke electric bikes are offered in 3 model specs to meet all riders demands. All 3 models feature the brand new light-weight carbon fibre frame, latest 12-speed drivetrain, Fazua Ride 60 eDrive system, 29" wheel platform and 140mm of trail eating suspension travel.

Haibike Lyke eBikes 2023

All 3 models are compatible with the (optional) 210Wh Fazua Range Extender. Let's take a look at each model in brief:

Haibike Lyke CF SE 2023 Electric Bike

Haibike Lyke SE 2023

The new 2023 Haibike Lyke SE is the top spec model in the Lyke range featuring Kashima Fox Float Factory forks, complemented by the Fox Float X Factory rear shock. The whole bike is offered with top spec Shimano XTR group set and twin piston XTR brakes to match too. Finished with RaceFace carbon bars, a Mavic E-Crossmax wheelset and Maxxis Dissector tyres.

Haibike Lyke SE 2023 Close Up Photos
Learn more about the Haibike Lyke SE

Haibike Lyke CF 11 2023 Electric Bike

Haibike Lyke 11 2023

The 2023 Haibike Lyke 11 is the mid spec model in the Lyke 2023 eBike range featuring Fox Float Performance forks, and a Fox Float Performance rear shock to match. The Lyke 11 features a Shimano XT drivetrain and twin piston XT disc brakes. Like the top spec model the Lyke 11 is finished with Maxxis Dissector tyres and a Mavic E-Crossmax wheelset.

Haibike Lyke 11 2023 Close Up Photos
Learn more about the Haibike Lyke 11

Haibike Lyke CF 10 2023 Electric Bike

Haibike Lyke 10 2023

Lastly, we have the Haibike Lyke 10, this is the base spec model for those entering the eBike game. It features the same Fox 36 Float Performance forks and Fox Float rear shock. This time it's equipped with Shimano SLX 12-Speed drivetrain and Deore disc brakes. The wheelset is made up of Shimano hubs and WTB rims wrapped in Schwalbe Wicked Will tyres.

Haibike Lyke 10 2023 Close Up Photos
Learn more about the Haibike Lyke 10

The All New Fazua Ride 60 System

Fazua (now owned by Porsche!) are making waves with their super light weight rider focussed drive systems. The predecessor Fazua Ride 50 drive system is where it started, now with the new 2023 Fazua Ride 60 system it get's a 11% reduction in overall weight whilst increasing battery capacity by 53% and to top it all off a increase of 18% more torque too!

 Fazua Ride 50 Fazua Ride 60
System Weight 4.6kg 4.1kg
Battery Capacity 250Wh 430Wh
Torque 50 Nm 60Nm


The 2023 Haibike Lyke utilises the new Ride 60 Motor, the Ring Control, LED Hub and 430Wh battery. Let's take a look at each component in a little more detail:

 Fazua Ride 60 2023 Motor

Fazua Ride 60 Motor

The Ride 60 motor is perfectly integrated into the Lyke frame. The motor comes in at just 2.2kg. It's super smooth, responsive and plenty of climbing torque too. The bike turns on as soon as the bike moves. No fumbling around for that power button!


Fazua Ride 60 2023 Ring Control

Fazua Ride 60 Ring Control

The Fazua Ring Control sits to the left of the handlebars and doesn't intrude on the rider cockpit. It allows quick assistance mode adjustments on-the-fly, the LED lights change per ride mode. You can also use it to utilise the walk assist function.


Fazua Ride 60 2023 LED Hub

Fazua Ride 60 LED Hub

The new LED hub is integrated in the top tube of the Lyke. It shows you at a glance what ride mode you are using, it also shows the current battery level. New features are likely due to the LED hub offering both Bluetooth & ANT+ connectivity.


Fazua 210Wh Range Extender

Fazua Ride 60 210Wh Range Extender

If the 430Wh battery in the Haibike Lyke for 2023 isn't enough for some riders, Fazua are offering an (optional) 210Wh Range Extender to run alongside the main battery. This increases the battery capacity by 40% from 430Wh up to a whopping 640Wh!


Fazua Smart Phone App

Fazua Ride 60 eBike Ride Phone App

The new smart phone app allows the rider to either download pre-defined assistance modes or completely optimise the ride modes to your riding style. You can also update your entire Fazua system wirelessly using the app too. Neat huh?


What do we think of the Lyke 2023?

The new 2023 Haibike Lyke range sure is at the top of it's game. Bearing in mind Haibike were the first ever brand to produce the full electric mountain bike, we expected Haibike to come up with a super light weight bike to smash the competition in this new emerging eBike segment.

Haibike Lyke Electric Bikes 2023

With Haibike utilising their German design and engineering to produce a super new frameset, alongside Fazua (also German!) launching the new Ride 60, the perfect motor drive system to compliment the Haibike Lyke for 2023.

Here's what Haibike said about the Lyke:

Our new eBike generation makes it possible to ride further than ever before, making the world around us even more exciting than we dreamed possible

We're awaiting more details on the Lyke range to come through, today sets the soft launch with stock expected to emerge in Spring 2023. Dates and weights are still TBC, however we're taking pre-orders as of today for all those riders lucky enough to get their hands on one!

Pre-order your Lyke now: Lyke SE | Lyke 11 | Lyke 10


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