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Haibike 2016 xDuro 3 Electric Bike Features

First Look: Haibike xDuro³ Bosch eBikes for 2016

By Martin Brown |

We are proud to be live at the Haibike xDuro³ launch for 2016 electric bikes. Bringing you eagerly anticipated exclusive news and first look of the eBike range for 2016... Here goes! This afternoon (Sunday 12th July 2015) we attended the xDuro³ presentation in Haibike's home-town of Schweinfurt, Germany. The presentation kicked off with the introduction of the 2016 sDuro range with Yamaha drives, we'll cover that in another article. This article is all about the Bosch xDuro³!

2016 Haibike xDuro 3 Downhill eBike Haibike were the first ever manufacturer to make a Bosch powered electric mountain bike & have been at the forefront of innovation ever since. Staying ahead, Haibike bring a whole host of new features for 2016. Here's a run down of what's new:

New Bosch CX Motor

We have another article that covers the new Bosch Performance CX 2016 motor in more detail on - Bosch Electric Bikes 2016. The main advantages of the motor is reduced size & weight, more assistance, improved torque & smoother power curve. But Haibike take the integration to a whole new level with the xDuro³ with a new interface and complete stealth approach.

Bosch CX Drive Unit on Haibike 2016 xDuro 3

Step-In-Battery System

Haibike have developed a new Step In Battery system for the Bosch battery on the xDuro³. This unique design means the battery slots straight into the locking mechanism and holder within the frame. Giving a closer fit and further integration, the battery seems more a part of the frame than an add-on.

Haibike xduro 3 battery integration 2016

New Decal Designs

Where's a new model without new graphics? The Haibike xDuro³ takes it to a whole new level for 2016 with vibrant colours and new offerings in terms of colours.

2016 Haibike Launch xDuro3 eBikes

New Interface

With the integration of a completely different motor, the 2016 Bosch Performance CX drive has to be mounted in a new way. Haibike have developed a whole new interface for the xDuro³ to reduce weight and optimize fit, this way the Bosch CX drive uses no adaptor plates and sits perfectly in place with minimal flex.

2016 Haibike Bosch CX Motor Interface On the Full Carbon Ultimate they have also created a 100% carbon interface for the new Bosch CX drive to make it the world's lightest full carbon Bosch powered eMTB!

Haibike Full Carbon Ultimate xDuro3 2016

New SkidPlate

Haibike have always offered some sort of Bosch motor protection. For 2016 Haibike have created a whole new skid plate on the xDuro³ to match the new Bosch CX drive and the new interface mounting.

Haibike xDuro 3 2016 Skid Plate Overall you can see the xDuro³ range has had quite a drastic makeover with new features and rider focussed innovations. We think Haibike are so far ahead with what they are doing in the electric bike world, that unless they actually put their tools and riding aside for a year or so, no other manufacturer will be able to catch up!

Haibike Launch 2016 Electric Bikes xDuro 3 We also see a whole host of new models, which we will be touching base on in more detail soon. Expect a full suspension fat bike, new carbon eBikes, 200mm down hill bikes & plus sized tyre models.

When can you get your hands on it?

Haibike Fat Six 2016 eBike We have actually already started taking 2016 eBike orders. All can be ordered now on a first come first served basis with pre-ordered bikes starting to arrive around October 2015. View the full Haibike 2016 range here. Pay in full or reserve today with a £199 deposit.

What's next?

We will be riding samples of the xDuro³ tomorrow round the single track of Schweinfurt, so expect full xDuro³ reviews, range overviews & plenty more details to follow. Watch this space.
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