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Bosch & Yamaha eBike Controls Comparison

How To: Change the Clock on Bosch & Yamaha eBikes

By Martin Brown |

OK, so it's that time of year again, where we get frequent calls on how to change the clock on your Bosch / Yamaha eBikes. All explained in the manuals, but if you cannot find it or have misplaced the manual, heres a quick guide explaining how to change the clock on Yamaha & Bosch electric bikes.

Bosch Intuvia Display

This video showing how to change the clock on all Bosch eBike Intuvia Display. Same on Classic+, Active & Performance systems.

Step by step 1) Turn Bosch eBike on. 2) Hold 'Reset' & 'Info' Buttons together for 3 seconds. 3) Use 'Info' button to navigate to the time function. 4) Use 'Light' button to increase time or 'Power' Button to decrease. Top tip: Hold the button depressed to fast scroll minutes. 5) Once correct hold 'Reset' again for 3 seconds to save.

Bosch Nyon Display

No video required if you are the lucky owner of a Nyon system. It will automatically change when connected to GPS. If it doesn't make sure you have selected 'Automatic' In the time zone setting.

Bosch-Nyon-eBike-Clock-Setting To find the clock setting 1) Turn Bosch eBike on. 2) Scroll left into the menu. 3) Scroll down to settings, then select 'International'. 4) Scroll down past the languages and choose 'Automatic' from the 'Time Zone' section. . You can set the timezone manually from here and also scroll on/off 24h format.

Yamaha eBike Display

This video showing how to change the clock on all Yamaha electric bikes.

Step by step 1) Turn the Yamaha eBike off. 2) Hold 'Power' & 'S' Buttons together for 3 seconds. 3) This will automatically go to the time, use the Up and Down arrows to change. 4)Once correct, press the 'Power' button once to store the info. If you found this helpful to save you digging around for the manuals, please click the 'Like' button above the article so it sticks around for next time!

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