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New 2018 Raleigh E-Mustang Electric Bike

First Look: Raleigh E-Mustang Electric Road Bike 2018

By Martin Brown |

Let's take a first look at the 2018 Raleigh Mustang eRoad bike. With drop handlebars, all terrain tyres and fully equipped with the Shimano Steps eBike system. Drawing on the success of the Mustang, Raleigh has paved the way for the future of Adventure bikes with their new Mustang Electric road bike. The Mustang eBike boasts all the same features that make adventure bikes popular. Giving you the ability to ride both on road & off-road but with the added benefit of electric assistance. Think less road bike and more ultimate drop bar do everything bike!

Who's the Mustang best for?

The Mustang Electric is the perfect companion for the every cyclist that enjoys a bit of everything but wants to maintain the speed and stamina of a younger rider.

Raleigh E-Mustang Electric Bike riding Gravel Maybe you want to commute without getting hot and sticky, then head out for a bit of off road fun at the weekend? The Raleigh Mustang eBike is designed for the real world of getting to work or grabbing some fun at the weekend. Capable on the road or on the trail, it gives you the versatility to go where you like. Take the towpath or the short cut through the woods, deal with the potholes and 'in-different tarmac of the British roads'.

Powered with Shimano Steps

The 2018 Raleigh Mustang E is powered by Shimano’s E6000 STEPS system and using SRAM’s proven Apex 1 gearing this drop bar eBike is at home on all terrain.

Electric bikes are currently limited to a maximum of 15mph which a reasonable road rider could easily do, but take your bike onto a trail or cycle path maintaining 15mph isn’t so easy!

Riding the Raleigh E-Mustang Electric Bike Raleigh consciously chose to equip Shimano motors as they have virtually no drag. Meaning that if you are going faster than 15mph the motor won’t slow you down when it’s not working. Something particularly important for keen riders with this type of bike.

Why is it the 650B wheel size?

How does this smaller yet also larger tyre benefit your ride? Easy - Traction & comfort.

Raleigh Drop Bar Road eBike - Mustang While a 650b x 42c tire has roughly the same outer diameter as a 700c x 30c tyre, it also has a much wider footprint. That equates to a much larger contact area with the terrain that you’re riding on and therefore, more traction.

Raleigh E-Mustang Electric Bike Off Road On the comfort side of things, these high-volume tyres can be run at much lower pressures than their traditional road counterparts. This lower pressure easily absorbs bumps in the road and creates a much more comfortable and supple ride quality.

To sum up the Raleigh E-Mustang?

The new 2018 Raleigh Mustang offers the most versatility to your everyday rider, utilising a powerful system & lightweight Kinesis frame.

Raleigh Mustang eBike powered with Shimano Steps Comfort comes from the tyres & carbon fork. With a full array of gears and available in 3 sizes, the Mustang takes on a whole new level of cycling.

You can view the full electric bike specification here - Raleigh Mustang Electric Bike.

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