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Haibike xDuro Electric Mountain Bike in Wales

User Review: Haibike xDuro HardNine RC 2016 eBike

By Martin Brown |

It's always nice to get good customer feedback post purchase. Here is a review of the 2016 Haibike xDuro HardNine RC sent in by one of our customers after owning the bike a while.



I have been watching and researching Ebikes for about 3 years. I have been following the Ebike shop for a similar amount of time. During this time I established that the crank drive motors are the way forward – put simply they are the most efficient. With the recent addition of the larger capacity battery – The Bosch / Haibike combination seemed the best option for me.


Where to get one?

I could have purchased the xDuro HardNine only and/or Local (I live in South Wales) but after watching the market and the activities and achievements of Martin and his E-bike shop I felt it prudent to travel up to see for myself – what they are like in the flesh.

Haibike HardNine RC Review Needless to say, I was not disappointed – These do not come with a small price tag, but if you are looking, you are probably considering purchasing one. If you are at that point, then you are likely to be in a position where you can finance (buy outright or on finance) an E bike. Providing you make the right choice at the beginning – Full suss / Hardtail / Commuter and ultimately the correct size/fit bike I cannot see that anyone would be at all disappointed…. In fact, if you feel anything like myself, you’ll be flipping amazed !


First Impressions

It started out by everyone else getting a go with grins from ear to ear before me……..

Flippin’ Nora – What a Machine !! I’m flabbergasted! It's Phenomenal!

Like I said, my boys wanted first go….. well I could get them off it, neither could I get the smiles off their faces!! I’ve spent most of the day showing and letting work colleagues have a go!


Setting the scene

I live on a hill…… so each person was going to the bottom and riding up effortlessly…. Grinning…

Reviewing the Haibike Electric Mountain Bike The Hill I live on is Caerphilly Mountain and for those that know it, know it’s bad enough to walk up, buses and cars have to drop a cog or two to get up there……

Yup, I went up it effortlessly……on tarmac…. Then there is a section of common land that takes you up to a Trigg point…… I flew up the gravel/lose track…… for a 22 stone bloke……

A quick charge last night and it was ready for this morning’s commute into Cardiff……. YaY All Hills are Flat ! PS. South Wales is not Flat….. I am overweight and appreciate that the distance/capacity of the battery will be affected…… i.e. total assisted miles will be reduced. HOWEVER, having said all that – I did have a point clarified for me which when it was, the penny dropped….. The battery is only used when assisting (sounds logical) So when I am travelling over 15.5mph – the miles left in the battery will remain the same, until such time as I slow allowing the motor to kick in again…… so to say you only have XX miles left on the screen is tosh……. Ride it and use the motor for the inclines….. you can go for milesssssss.


Where does the fun end?

This morning, day 2 of ownership, I chose to take the shorter route that takes me over the local mountain into Cardiff…….

Close up Haibike HardNine Electric Bike - as soon as I pulled up on the drive after cycling home from work on my new bike, and even before I could stop Strava and take my coat off, my young son (number 2 son) was waiting with baited breath ready to ask for a go of my bike…… of course I let him have a go….. On his return, Number one son had heard I was home (Strange as he can never hear us call him for tea, when he is on his Xbox) and was readying his shoes to have a go as soon as Number 2 son returns…. Ha ! Needless to say, I did need to recharge the battery ready for the day 2 commute..



I live part way up the mountain….. so whichever way I go I always have to climb to get home….. but keep that for later….. My best time to go up the mountain so far is about 15 mins and that’s a mile (half mile of climbing, then it flattens a bit….)

Riding the Haibike xDuro HardNine RC eBike So this morning, a 4.5mile commute to work over said mountain……….. Total time on the eBike was 14.5 mins….. Yep, 14.5 mins (and that included negotiating some fools in traffic queues and a stop at a traffic light). My best time has been about 27 mins… as after a climb up any mountain you are always rewarded with a nice downhill section.

Anyhow, it’s a 400 odd foot climb over a mile and a bit……. It took me 7.5 mins to complete the 1.2 mile climb this morning…. YaY!

I was happy to have hit 42mph (Strava) on the way down the mountain – as suggested by my speed coming down the mountain, it’s a reasonably decently high mountain to climb. Can’t wait for the ride home now…… and the local MTB club beginners ride is out tonight….. so a good ride home and a few miles of single track to look forward to.


I’m Loving E-Bike Ownership

Into my Third week of ownership and I’ve commuted to work for nearly all the days…. Plus I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of fun on the way home…. And managed to get out with the local MTB club last Wednesday for their ‘Beginner rides’ – It was CLEARLY not for beginners!

Riding the xDuro Haibike in Wales ReviewMy thoughts about whether the bike could manage 22 stone of Welshman has been thrown by the wayside on some hill in South Wales !!!

I have a 3-4 mile climb coming home which I find a breeze now.

Also, living in Wales, whichever way you ride, there are generally hils….. I can ride up the hills but it often turned into an Anaerobic session for my quads….. whereas now, It feels like I’m 10 stone lighter and I’m getting the Aerobic/cardio session that I so dearly missed!

Haibike Electric Mountain Bike Review UKGranted, I’m probably not going to get the miles out of the battery as it’s probably working a bit harder…… but we’ll work on the weight to power ratio slowly…. For the person that considers themselves overweight / clinically obese / big boned – Whichever best describes you (I’m technically Clinically obese) – The only thing that will slow you down with this bike is either your riding skill or forgetting to charge the battery before going out !!

Thanks so much to Phil for his words on the - Haibike xDuro HardNine RC 2016

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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