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Haibike sDuro Ladies 2016 eBike Review

Review: UK's First Haibike Ladies Electric Mountain Bike

By Martin Brown |

Haibike announced the first ever sDuro Yamaha powered ladies specific electric mountain bike a few months back. We were eager to get the verdict on this fantastic new model.


Haibike sDuro HardLife SL 2016

Not sure the gents will agree on the name, the Germans decided on this one, so we followed suit. Ladies do you have a HardLife?.. Well it's about to get easier with this new sDuro electric mountain bike! Forget the hills, this tough part of the ride is eased up somewhat with new eAssitance from the Yamaha system. Who better to give the bike a verdict - the lovely Kirsty from our E-Bikeshop Owners Club.

Kirsty on Haibike sDuro HardLife With a revised Ladies specific geometry, tighter bars, shorter stem and even offered in 4 sizes. The new ladies Haibike will be popular for an all round hardtail mountain eBike.

Haibike sDuro Ladies 2016 eBike Great stand over, means ladies short and tall can benefit. The Yamaha battery slides in from the side meaning the top tube can be mounted lower down, giving more clearance.

Haibike sDuro Ladies 2016 eBike Forks Even the 100mm forks match in perfectly with the matte finish and exact colour coding. We love the fact that Haibike have added the forks decals to match, nice touch!

2016 Yamaha powered Ladies Haibike Review The new decals certainly suit the ladies, we particularly love the hearty sDuro logo and all the little refined decals that come together to make this bike stand out!

New 2016 Yamaha eBike Controls The new Yamaha control buttons offer a sleeker appearance with blacked out buttons, that no longer look faded after extended use. The buttons also feel more responsive and you can even charge your smartphone on the go using a USB adapter. Let's see what Kirsty had to say after riding the new electric mountain bike for the first time:

How would you sum it up?

As a keen e-bike rider I have been waiting a long time for a ladies mountain e-bike. I feel this bike was built for me, the handle bars are in the perfect position, the seat is reasonably comfortable considering how streamlined it is.

Wow FINALLY a ladies e-bike that looks and feels awesome!

It's also much lighter than other e-bikes I have tried which is a massive win in my eyes. It's easy, fuss free and not too technical, which is just what I am after. This now means I can go out riding with my partner on his electric mountain bike, keep up and be comfortable... This will definitely get me out on my e-bike more. You can read more about this bike here - Haibike sDuro HardLife SL Ladies eBike

Kirsty on Haibike sDuro HardLife

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