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Rock Shox Reverb

RockShox Reverb Dropper Seat Post for eBikes

By Martin Brown |

When you're ripping through rolling terrain, cranking the pedals one minute and getting off the back of the bike the next, no seat height is "just right."

Rock Shox ReverbThe all-new Reverb gives you infinite seat-height adjustment and control of your return speed in a hydraulically actuated remote package. A custom sealing system means the plush and consistent feel of this seat post won't degrade, no matter how much the weather does.

Reviewed well across the mountain biking industry Bike Radar says -

Clever actuation with excellent sealing and no-slop mechanism


MTB'r quoted -

A veritable must-have for the all mountain rider, dropper posts allow freedom of movement when the going gets steep or technical


Rock Shox Reverb Post FittedWe offer these as an option on all our Haibike Electric bikes. Haibike actually anticipate the fitting of these by adding the mounts necessary for a clean installation in the production process. On purchase of an electric bike from us, please add the dropper post to the basket along with the bike of your choice. We will fit the post free of charge of any labour in our workshop.

Rock SHox Reverb ControlsThe idea is that rather than keep getting on and off the bike to adjust your saddle height you can adjust it infinitely to exactly where you want it on the fly using the remote button that we mount conveniently next to your left hand.

Rock Shox Reverb Post LoweredWhen you're travelling on any of the more tricky tight trails you can adjust the saddle right down out of the way. So you can be confident you have full movement above the bike without the saddle getting in the way / hitting you in the a*rse!

Rock Shox Reverb at Full ExtensionThen when you cycle on the flat or when your climbing, to get the most out of each pedal stroke its best to use your legs to their full potential. Again at the flick of a switch you can have the post up to exactly where you need it. It doesn't just work un and down, you can set it almost anywhere you want between the full down or fully extended stages. I have one on my bike and you'd be surprised how handy it is. When they first came out people said it was a gimmick, but I guarantee once you've had one you'll never go back to running a normal post again. Obviously this is for more off road cycling , however one of my customer was using his bike darting around London. In the shop I explained how it worked and he passed it off. THis is his response after riding the electric bike for a month or so -

I have to mention the James Bond Ejector Saddle what a useless gimmick was my initial thought but then I used it, I would like to change that last comment to ‚Äúwhat a fantastic addition‚ÄĚ, with my regular bike I am always stopping and adjusting my ride height only by half a cm or so, not with this I just release the button on the handlebars and lift myself or put more weight on the saddle, it‚Äôs adjusted, it‚Äôs also really helpful if in traffic/traffic lights, a word of warning if the seat is fully down and you are standing a press of the little button may make your eyes water...

If you would like one of these then please get in touch. A word of warning though.. When looking online you will find the grey market ones lurking at cheap prices. These are fraught with problems and RockShox will not warranty the serial number in the event of a problem. Our ones are OEM, packed in original box with fitting and bleed kit. They also have the newer re designed lever and pop lock.

We actually quoted up one a while back and the guy bought a grey market one online for about £80 quid less than we quoted him. He had a problem with it and the main shaft had to be replaced. RockShox billed him for it and it cost £234 to fix. If this was an OEM one he would have had it fixed FOC. We laughed because at this point he had spent over 500 quid and still had no further backup in the event of future problems. Find out how to purchase a Rock Shox Reverb for your Electric Bike.

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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