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Bosch 2014 / 2015 Performance System Changes

So whats different on the new 2014 Bosch eBike system?

By Martin Brown |

I thought I would write a little more in depth about whats new for the 2014 Bosch system, this should save half my day on the phone. So to start off, everyone knows the latest Bosch motor has made some significant changes to the motor design.

On the outside its completely different in shape, most of you will have seen the tiny front sprocket and wondered why it’s so small?

Well... Bosch have standardised the way motors are mounted, so for one it’s easier for manufacturers to integrate the motor into their frame design. By changing the motor shape and using a small sprocket it gives a much higher ground clearance. (Previously not being a problem for Haibike who sent their engineers to work and patented the idea of inverting the motor up into the frame so its tucked out the way and give a much higher ground clearance anyway).

At this point your probably thinking - How am I supposed to pedal that cycle around with such a small sprocket on the front?

Bosch eBike 350w 250w Motor DifferenceWell the drive is actually geared inside out. Basically as you turn the cranks (pedals) it turns a gear inside the motor, which in turn is geared back to the small sprocket on the outside. So in fact with 1 full pedal revolution the small sprocket on the outside will turn 2.5 times.This also allows the sensors within the new motor to measure gear changes much more precisely, therefore as you change gear the motor can detect this and actually reduces the torque applied at exactly the right time so that it ensures a smooth gear changes and reduces pressure on both the motor and chain significantly. Ultimately leading to a more durable system.The small sprocket also means that it‚Äôs much harder for the chain to come off at any point. Which is a big plus point where manufacturers are continuing to use ever-expanding ratios of gears at the back. On a side note ‚Äď It also means less grubby trouser ends as the chain will be more tucked out the way running on the tiny sprocket!

What else is new?

The new motor's internal sensors (power, cadence & speed) process 1000 readings per second to make the ride as smooth and efficient as possible also has a new more modern 32-bit processor to handle all of these readings.

Bosch Intuvia 2015 controlsThe rest of the system has only taken slight changes, for example the colour of both the active line and performance line are different. The Intuvia screen size has been increased slightly with easier to see readings.The battery has been slimmed down a little into a more clean line design and is still offered in the current 300wh and 400wh options.So the new system is neater, smaller & a little lighter. The performance line can now also assist up to 275% in Turbo mode as opposed to 250%. The drive can put out up to 60Nm of torque through a derralier system but is limited to 50Nm of torque through any hub gear.The motor is the same 250w power to comply with current EU legislation.The new system will be less versatile to "tinker'ers" as the sprocket will be less easy to swap out to change the gearing for people who want to up the gearing / speed. But as far as I can see it should still be compatible with the 'tuning dongle'.This new motor design will run alongside the current 'Active line' system. Manufacturers will continue to use both systems for future ranges.

Continued support?

Bosch are continuing to offer firmware updates / improvement through the USB port for both Active line and the newer system. Being a Bosch UK dealer we have all the official Bosch diagnostic tools do perform these actions for previous customers in-store.

Retrofit to my existing Bosch eBike?

Finally before I get more phone calls - NO the complete Bosch system is not available as any sort of add on kit. It will only come with new complete ebikes.AND no I cannot take cash as a ‚Äėback hander‚Äô to order a motor through Bosch for anyone to use. The only way we can supply a new motor is with the old one in my hands in (in the event of a warranty case)¬†Read how Haibike xDuro 2014 models overcome the bad chain line with the new Bosch eBike motor.View the latest Electric Bikes with the new style Bosch motor.
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