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Lapierre Overvolt 2014 First Ride

Lapierre Overvolt 2014 eBike Review - First Look!

By Martin Brown |

E-bikeshop have been very excited to get our hands on the brand new Lapierre Overvolt 2014 electric bike! We had the first batch arrive yesterday and have been eager to get these eBikes built up for a closer review.

So on first impression when un-packing the Lapierre Overvolt is you can tell Nico Voulliez has added his special touch to the eBikes. From the balanced geometry to the smooth cut lines, the hydro formed frame and the suspension pivots.

The eBike immediately comes across as well built and is fitted with components that are competitive considering the sub £4k price point!

Lapierre Overvolt 2014 Frame Design & Smooth Lines Lapierre Overvolt 2014 Frame Design & Smooth Lines

The Overvolt frame features a FSA Internal tapered headset for a super stiff and responsive front end. The alloy hydro formed frame is both light weight yet durable and the unique 'Gull' style rear swing arm has some great design features. It is shaped in a way that all energy pushed up through the back wheel can be sucked up perfectly by the rear shock.

This swing arm design also means that their is no chance that the chain can hit the chain stay at all, no matter what gear you are in. The design eliminates chain suck / chain slap ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

Unique swing arm design & smooth lines Unique swing arm design & smooth lines

The gearing on this model is provided by Shimanos 10 speed drive train, the 1 x 10 system ensure you have a wide range of gears available for both climbing and descents. Lapierre have opted for a Shimano XT shadow rear mech that also has the new built in clutch to ensure the chain is always under tension, it is quiet in operation and the gears are precise. These are controlled by the Shimano SLX rapid fire shifters so changing gear is a breeze on the Overvolt electric bike.

To slow this incredible machine down are the Formula hydraulic disc brakes.

Formula The One Brake Levers & Handlebar Controls Formula The One Brake Levers & Handlebar Controls

Formula have been creating excellent stoppers for many years now and Lapierre has not held back on ensuring this eBike can come to a stop as fast as it accelerates!

The Formula brakes are minimal fuss and highly rated across the MTB community. Lapierre has mounted these on larger rotors and routed all the cables internally within the frame to keep those super sleek looks and minimize the risk of any snags.

The Overvolt fitted with Formula The One Brakes The Overvolt fitted with Formula The One Brakes

Lapierre have used the new Bosch Performance eBike drive system on the 2014 Overvolt. This system has been beautifully integrated into the frame on this eBike design. Its well protected and sits as snug as a feather in keeping with the look. You can read more in depth about the Bosch eBike Performance system on our other blog posts.

Bosch eBike Motor mounted in the Overvolt Bosch eBike Motor mounted in the Overvolt

The Overvolt uses the Bosch Intuvia display to show the rider, with ease, all those essential pieces of data. Acting not only as the eBike drive system controls but also as a cycle computer to measure all the important values, it includes trip time, average speed, trip distance, range, maximum speed etc.

This is all integrated neatly on the handlebars to ensure a clean clutter free cockpit. It can also be controlled by the user buttons on the left so no need to remove your hand away from the brakes to scroll through the functions.

Bosch Performance Intuvia Display Bosch Performance Intuvia Display

Lapierre has finished the Overvolt with RockShox Revelation 140mm travel forks with air adjust-ability and lockout mechanism so no energy is lost during those climbs.

The Overvolt Electric Bike is well kitted out with Easton stem and seat post. A Selle Italia MTB saddle and FUNN Riser Trail Bars. In fact there's little you would need to change.. Just get on and ride!

The wheel set is built on through axles front and rear for super stiffness and reliability. The rims are Mavic 321 alloy double wall rims so you can be sure to put the wheels through their paces without them buckling at the first hurdle.

The Overvolt utilizes the new 27.5" (650B) wheel set to optimize all the benefits of a 26" rims and a 29" rim to combine them together to make the true performing wheel size.

Michelin 27.5 Michelin 27.5" Wild Grip R Dual Compound Tyres

To keep these wheels firmly planted to the ground, Lapierre have wrapped them in Michelins rubber in the form of the super grippy Wild Grip R's. These tyres are very good at handling even the stickiest of situations and seem to last ages due to their durable compound.

Whats the Verdict?

The Overvolt utilizes all the previous technology advanced by Lapierre in their normal bikes and combined this with the latest Bosch eBike Performance drive system. This in turn brings a whole new contender to the electric bike market.

The Lapierre Overvolt is well specc'd for a sub £4K eBike and no expense has been spared in getting it right! This new generation of cycling could be the kick up the ar*e that the mountain bike world needs.

The only draw back of this Bosch eBike is the 15mph speed cut off, but of course when its fitted with one of our exclusive speed tuning kits, this is overcome, totally unleashing the full potential in the bike.

Now riders can ride longer, faster & harder across even the toughest of terrain / hills.

Click here to view the full specification - Lapierre Overvolt 2014

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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