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electric bike bosch de restriction cut off 15mph

How to de-restrict a Bosch electric bike

By Martin Brown |

Bosch electric bikes sold throughout Europe are capable of speeds of 30mph+. But due to current legislation they are restricted to 15mph (25kph). Are you fed up with the power cutting off when you reach the speed limit?.. We are the only UK suppliers of the Bosch tuning dongle that takes away the speed cut off restriction and allows you to reach higher speeds on your Bosch 250w or 350w ebike system.

Electric Bike Cuts out at 15mph Now lets set the records straight from the start. The legislation is in place for many reasons. Therefore the speed tuning dongle we supply is for off road (private land) use only.. Now that's out the way let me tell you how it works.The Bosch speed tuning dongle is a tiny gadget that makes a big difference. Lets face it the Bosch motor is pretty 'pokey' it gets the bike up to the 15mph speed pretty quickly. Its then a bit of a dull moment as the electric assistance cuts out and its back to a normal pedal bike. This is where the speed tuning de-restriction device takes over. It takes away the cut off and allows you to keep pedalling as fast as you want with the motor power still assisting. This totally transforms the bike as a lot of people want to go faster, I for example am not too fussed about going a crazy high speeds but I generally average around 18mph so for most of my ride I would normally be outside of the power range.Here is what one of my customers had to say after he fitted the dongle to his Bosch powered Haibike (excuse the language!) -

Wow! Amazing! Great! Super! Yes!!!! (is the basic experience). Wow what a difference it makes - no longer are you just getting interested and the motor cuts out! Oh no! The thing just keeps going! F****** ace. Just what I wanted.


A lot of people ask me about the Bosch S 350w pedelecs. Now this 350w Bosch motor gives the exact same assistance levels and torque as the 250w motor. The only difference is that the 350w motor is capable of higher speeds out the box. However if you plan to use the ebike both on and off-road. The 350w motor will always be illegal to use on the road as its above the motor wattage limit. Its fairly obvious when looking at the bike that is is a speed pedelec. This cannot be used on the road at all - as one guy recently found out when he was hit by a bus. The cyclist was not at fault but had the book thrown at him when his bike was accessed and found to be a Bosch S pedelec. He was then liable for all damages resulting in a lot of money, he also lost his driving license as a 350w motor is classed as a motor vehicle! With this in mind remember that the 250w motor with the dongle fitted will actually out speed the 350w motor. It is also compliant (with the dongle detached). The Bosch speed tuning dongle is software based and wires into the speed sensor. Its fairly simple to fit. We build the software into a head phone jack, so once the cable kit is fitted you can plug and play the dongle whenever you want. Giving you complete flexibility of when you wish to use it. On the bike its virtually invisible, you can either leave the dongle / dongle holder within the motor casing (completely invisible). Or you can have the dongle more accessible so you can plug and un-plug on the fly.With the dongle plugged in the speed readout on the Bosch Intuvia display will be halved once you reach 15mph. So if, for example, you are riding along and the speed meter reads 17mph you are actually travelling at a speed of 34mph.

Its really that simple..This fits all Bosch ebike motors - 250w & 350w - 2011, 2012, 2013 models.We do have a dongle kit for the 2014 Gen2 Bosch Motors. This can only be purchased with one of of own eBikes. We will include fitting within the price. If you would like one, please add a dongle and your bike to the basket together. We will then fit the dongle prior to the eBike leaving our workshop. The Gen2 2014 Bosch motor dongles cannot be purchased on their own.You can read the full customer review of the dongle here. You may purchase a dongle here.To download the full fitting instructions click here.

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