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Lapierre Overvolt FS900 eBike Review

User Review: Lapierre Overvolt FS 900 2015 eBike

By Martin Brown |

I have now had my Lapierre Overvolt FS 900 for 10 days, in that time I have ridden 135.2 miles, to get used to the bike. I can’t keep off the thing!!!

First Impressions

At first I was initially upset with the distance achieved from a fully charged battery 18 miles, but this was riding on my own, up some awesome uphill off road, (in TURBO mode), of which I could never have managed before an E Bike. Over Easter I rode with one of my friends over some of the South Downs way, we did 27 miles, averaged 10 mph and I still had 1 bar of battery left, it soon became apparent I ride too fast when on my own hence poor mileage. See this Strava picture below and you can see why, averaging nearly 18mph, I don't even do that on a Road Bike!

Lapierre eBike on Strava, customer review

Why I love it?

This Lapierre FS 900 eBike has allowed me once again to ride off road, and not worry if a massive climb appears, they are no trouble now. I have found lanes and trails that I have never discovered before... I am 47 years old, had my first MTB in 1988 a Kona Fire Mountain, back when I was 20 I could ride all day, never noticed hills etc, but now I am 15 ¬Ĺ stone and old, things have changed. (lost 3Lb in last 10 days, another positive) I have also started commuting 17 miles each way to work on the eBike, what a great way to start and end the day, I have always read about people that do this, and how energized they feel, well with help from Bosch - that guy is now me and it is superb! I love this E concept so much, Martin was very patient with me as these things are not cheap (pay for what you get), and it took me a while to take the plunge. eBikeshop held a demo day, which I attended, Great day!!! which was really the day I made my mind up, this is for me, never before have I had such good service from a bicycle shop, matched only when I purchased a BMW motorbike.


If you are trying to make your mind up, get in touch with me, ride mine, take it up the most uphill piece of off road that has always destroyed you, you will fly up it, then you will be reaching for your cash. Up hills can be FUN... honest! Not only am I obtaining great times uphill, I am also smashing all my PB’s downhill with this Lapierre, what a bike. E Bike is the way forward, you're cheating yourself if you don't at least try one.... Best Wishes to all at E-Bike Shop & THANKS!

With thanks to Danny for this fantastic review, you can view the full specification of this bike here: Lapierre Overvolt FS900 2015

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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