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e-bikeshop visit the Cycle Show UK 2014

Interesting Electric Bikes at The Bike Show NEC 2014

By Martin Brown on September 29, 2014

We visited the NEC this weekend to see what 2015 has to offer for electric bikes. eBikes are obviously being taken very seriously for 2015 with many manufacturers that were laughing off eBikes a few years back, now trying to gain a share in the fastest growing sector of the cycling market. 

There was a lot on offer. Some good, some not so good. Its clear that many have picked up that crank drives are the future with a complete flip on last years show. This year, for the first time, there were less hub driven bikes & more crank drive bikes, predominantly Bosch powered.

Its interesting to see how the UK market differs to the European market when it comes to electric bikes. We visited EuroBike last month to see what electric bikes are doing on a global scale and although its coming a little later, the UK is certainly moving in the same direction.

Also a great opportunity to say a quick thanks to all my followers who came over to say hello at the show. Love that so many people follow the blog, thank you for reading.

As with EuroBike there was too much to picture, but here’s some of the more interesting things we saw:

Moustache Starck Bike @ The Cycle Show 2014

The new Moustache Starck Fat eBike designed specifically for Snow conditions. Check out the ‘lefty’ fork!


Haibike xDuro @ The Cycle Show 2014

The all new Haibike xDuro Full Seven for the 2015 line up. Nice finish at a fantastic price…


Raleigh Motus Bike @ The Cycle Show 2014

The Raleigh Motus took pride of place at the front of the Raleigh stand. One of the most popular sub £2k eBikes.


Moustache Starck Bike @ The Cycle Show 2014

Another close up of the Starck, Moustache I take my hat off to you for the finish on this beauty!


Haibike @ The Cycle Show 2014

The new 2015 Haibike All Mountain bikes took a lot of interest as the only properly specc’d all mountain eBikes out there.


Raleigh Captus Bike @ The Cycle Show 2014

Kirsty here modelling the brand new 2015 Raleigh Captus, only just launched this week. 


Bergamont Bike @ The Cycle Show 2014

Rather liked the integration of the motor and battery here on a Bergamont eBike. Its a nice way to build a low step.


Moustache eMTB @ The Cycle Show 2014

Nice looking new Moustache Gold 140mm electric mountain bike. New for the 2015 range.


Haibike sDuro @ The Cycle Show 2014

One of our biggest pre-order, the Haibike sDuro Hard Seven, love the way Haibike have integrated the Yamaha motor.


Moustache Lundi @ The Cycle Show 2014

Our in house model again.. This time on the lovely Moustache Lundi in a fantastic new colour range and lower price.


Moustache Bikes Stand @ The Cycle Show 2014

Although not specifically an eBike, Moustache had one of the coolest looking stands on the day. 


Electric Bikes have grown year on year and the NEC had a lot more eBikes on offer in the test track this year, so it was much better on a consumer level to test the bikes side by side. Although I can’t help thinking that the eBike track could still be improved next year with a longer track and some all important artificial hills.

See you all next year at THE Cycle Show 2015!

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