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Raleigh Motus 2014 Electric Bike

New Raleigh Motus Bosch Powered Electric Bike Comes to e-bikeshop for 2014

By Martin Brown |

We have been working alongside the Raleigh eBike range for some years now and as one of the UK's premier Raleigh electric bike dealers we are very proud to release details of the new Raleigh Motus Low Step & Cross Bar electric bikes that will be landing on our shop floor in June 2014.

Raleigh Motus 2014 Electric Bike Cross BarRaleigh has teamed up with the latest Bosch eBike system to bring a new electric bike that will set a storm brewing in the UK for 2014. The new eBike features good quality, well thought out components and comes with the latest Bosch Active Line crank drive motor all for under £2K! More about the latest generation of Bosch eBike motors can be read on my other blog posts.Back to the Raleigh Motus.. It has been a long time in the making, we first found out about this model over a year ago; however Raleigh did not want to rush the design process. They have waited until every aspect of this new eBike model has been thoroughly thought out before announcing it for sale. What a fantastic job they have done.. It was well worth the wait!

Who is this new Raleigh eBike for?

This new model is aimed at the largest sector of the UK electric bike market, created for those looking for an everyday commuting / trekking / touring / hybrid bike built for comfort and long distances in the saddle.It is designed as an all-round bike which means it’s great for use on the road / country lanes. You can also take this electric bike across light off road, made up bridleways and cycle paths etc.

First Impressions..

Raleigh Motus 2014 Electric Bike Bosch MotorThe first prototype entered our workshop last week for us to review. On first impressions the finish is very, very nice. The pictures really don't do it justice. This sleek, elegant electric bike is matte black, all of the components match in together to really show off the overall quality of this eBike.The Raleigh Motus will be available in 2 options; both low step and cross bar. Both are sold as unisex bikes, the low step model is sure to be popular for easy positioning and getting on/off the eBike. Whilst the cross bar model is your typical geometry diamond frame shape and built slightly larger for taller riders. The welding is nice; the components fit well to create a solid bike for extended use. All of the cables are internally routed to prevent corrosion and snags; but most importantly really clean up the overall look of the bike. The decals on the eBike are subtle and fit the bike well from frame, forks to battery. Of course the traditional Raleigh heron is found up the front of the eBike and takes pride of place on the head tube.

So what do you get?..

The eBikes components are well thought out for the everyday rider and I'm pretty surprised Raleigh have managed to pack it all in on a sub £2K Bosch powered electric bike. As standard you get full length mudguards, a decent side stand, sturdy pannier rack, rear wheel security lock (with keys that match the Bosch battery), comfy gel saddle, adjustable stem, comfort grips, suspension seatpost, chain guard & even front and rear dynamo lights that are self-powered from the front Shimano hub and stay on for a few minutes when you stop at traffic lights etc.

Raleigh Motus 2014 Electric Bike Sram DrivetrainThe specification features a Suntour suspension fork up front to keep things smooth with lock-out for when you are climbing or wanting to ride with minimal energy loss. The brakes are from German manufacturers Magura, these HS11's are hydraulic rim brakes which not only save weight, but also have a much greater stopping power than cable rim brakes. They are minimal fuss / maintenance and perform well in any condition.The gearing is provided by Sram with a 10 speed drivetrain giving you plenty of smooth reliable gear ratios to ride downhill as well as get back up the other side. The wheels are made up of Shimano hubs and alloy double wall rims, these save weight, will not rust but also give superior strength. Importantly Raleigh has opted to build these wheels onto Shimano hubs using 36 stainless steel spokes. This allows more strength for heavier riders and also can take the extra grunt of riding a modern electric bike in every day use. Gripping these wheels to the road; Raleigh has used Schwalbe Energizer Life tyres. These new German tyres have been specifically manufactured and tested for electric bike use, they offer a sturdier sidewall, and a smart puncture resistant guard is also placed in the lining of the tyre to prevent those annoying nasty’s from getting in. The tyres are also very fast rolling, so you can keep up a good pace without gaining any drag from the road surface.

What's the verdict?..

All in all this is a very nice looking, but well performing eBike. The whole bike is responsive but smooth & the new Bosch Electric Bike System & bigger 400Wh power pack works well. You should see a good range from the new 400Wh Bosch battery and the fast rolling wheels. Built to not just be reliable for everyday use but as a long term mode of transport.

 Raleigh Motus 2014 Electric Bike Bosch Intuvia DisplayThese models are available for pre-order now; we are expecting the see the first drop of these in June 2014. Please visit our shop on the links below. Here you can see the full specification, pictures, videos etc. Be sure to check out the other posts on our blog here to give more information on the new Bosch eBike system featured on these Raleigh Motus electric bikes. Shop Links - Raleigh Motus 2014 Cross Bar & Raleigh Motus 2014 Low Step Should you require any more information or to visit us in store please don’t hesitate to get in touch - sales@e-bikeshop.co.uk

Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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