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Upgrading to Bosch eBike Nyon
Can the Bosch Nyon be retro fitted to my existing eBike? Wed, Nov 05, 14
So with the new Bosch Nyon system now on our shelves for 2015, a lot of customers are asking if the new Bosch Nyon system can be retro fitted to... Read More
Yamaha vs Bosch eBike Comparsion
Bosch vs Yamaha eBikes: What's the difference? Explained (Updated) Thu, Aug 21, 14
On a daily basis I get calls asking what the differences between the Bosch & Yamaha electric bike systems are? What system is better you may ask? Well this is... Read More
Yamaha Electric Bike Tuning Kit
How to derestrict a Yamaha eBike - Yamaha Speed Tuning Dongles come to e-bikeshop! Fri, Aug 15, 14
We are proud to announce that e-bikeshop.co.uk have a working tuning dongle kit to derestrict the 15mph cut off speed on all Yamaha powered electric bikes. Read More
Yamaha eBike System 2015
First Look: Yamaha eBike System Overview 2015 Wed, Jul 23, 14
Breaking News: We @e-bikshop visited Haibike in Schweinfurt to be one of the first to be introduced to and test the new Yamaha eBike system. This will be coming to... Read More
Bosch Nyon Performance System
New Bosch Nyon eBike Performance Navigation System for 2015 / 2016 Sat, Apr 05, 14
Bosch announces their new Nyon eBike controller for 2015 / 2016. The new Head Unit will run on the current Performance eBike motor system but will be built with a... Read More
Bosch eBike 350w 250w Difference
Whats the difference between the 250w & 350w Bosch eBike motors? - Explained Mon, Feb 03, 14
So to start off the Bosch 350w S motor on paper is more than the 250w.. Right?.. Yes. However, don't look at this as top trump cards and decide you... Read More