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Best Looking Electric Mountain Bikes for 2017

Top 5: Best Looking 2017 Bosch Electric Mountain Bikes

By Martin Brown on February 15, 2017

We take a look at the 2017 electric mountain bike ranges & select the top 5 best looking eBikes out there for the year. Not taking into consideration spec or price, just pure looks!

Following a visit to EuroBike it’s clear every manufacturer is now on board with a Bosch powered eBike. Selecting the range for 2017 was about summing up many different characteristics including specification, price, components and the also important – Visuals!

In this article, we sum up the top 5 best looking (in our opinion) Bosch powered electric mountain bikes for 2017. So spec, use, and price aside here goes:

No 1: Haibike xDuro DownHill 9.0

An electric assisted downhill bike? Yes! Now you can forget the uplifts and get back to the top quicker, ready to come back down. More ride time = more fun! With slack angles, triple clamps and DH specific components, the xDuro DownHill 9.0 remains at the top of the list for looks!

No 2: Moustache Samedi Race 8

The Moustache Samedi Race 8 for 2017 get’s big hits as they are the only manufacturer to fully integrate the battery into the frame. The ‘Hidden Power’ setup has already received prestigious awards to date and gets voted no 2 on our list. It looks, feels and rides great!

No 3: Lapierre AM 700+ Carbon

Lapierre took a totally different approach for 2017 on the AM 700. Their GLP system brings the battery centrally within the eBike & lowers the overall centre of gravity. As we are going by design, it looks amazing & the carbon frame brings out the smooth lines with no welds. Nice!

No 4: Haibike xDuro FullSeven Carbon

What could you not love about the xDuro Full Carbon 10.0? This full suss, fully carbon XC bike is well spec’d but looks the part too. The wheels really set this bike apart. It’s the ultimate boy’s toy! Ride it or hang it on your wall and don’t stop staring, either way, it’s great!

No 5: Scott E-Genius 700 PLUS TUNED

The brand new Scott E-Genius 700 TUNED has certainly gained a lot of momentum for 2017. It’s sleek lines, internal cable routeing and high spec components make it look sweet. If that’s not enough, the Factory FOX Kashima coated gold components really finish it off!


Best Looking eMTB's 2017

Have eBikes become sexy for 2017? You decide! What we do know is, there are some great looking electric mountain bikes out there, with lots of different designs and styles.Many of the above models have also been backed with prestigious awards including the EuroBike Awards and the more recent Design & Innovation 2017 awards.

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