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Bosch Electric Bike Nyon Secret Functions

Top 10: Hidden features on the Bosch Nyon eBike Computer

By Martin Brown on December 13, 2014

So many of you may have used the new Bosch Nyon eBike computer by now, some of you may even own a Bosch Nyon equipped eBike. Learn 10 secrets you may not know about the functionality of the latest electric bike computer from Bosch. 

Some of this you may already know, but some of it is a little hidden within the Bosch Nyon system itself.

E-bikeshop gives you a quick guide of these features. We bet you’ll learn at least one thing you didn’t know before about the new Bosch Nyon system features!

1) Use ‘Ambient Light’ for screen brightness

Bosch have integrated transflective properties into the Nyon head unit’s LCD display. If you haven’t noticed, look closely directly above the joystick, there is a small light sensor (Highlighted in red circle below). This detects how bright the screen should be, for example if you are indoors, outside & at night time. You can automatically turn this on within the Settings tab on Bosch Nyon here:

Ambient Light Sensor on Bosch Nyon Display


2) Customise your ride screens

Did you know that once connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth you can customise your ride screens with any preferential ride data you may want on the Nyon’s ‘Ride Screen’. This includes many features from Speed, Distance right through to feet climbed. Here’s a great example:

Customise your Ride Screen on Bosch eBike Nyon


3) Set the Home Button to a preferred screen

You can actually alter what the ‘Home Button’ (highlighted below) does when pressed. Go into the settings within Nyon & select your preferred screen to navigate to with the use of the ‘Home Button’:

Bosch Nyon Home Button Setup


4) Use Nyon to map distance by battery capacity

Why not make use of the Bosch Nyon’s GPS receiver. You can actually produce a map of how far you can go depending on your Bosch battery capacity and current usage. This will re-adjust every 15 seconds and is based roughly on the last mile & riding conditions. To find this go into the ‘Map & Navigation’ Screen, then scroll right into the sub menu and select ‘Battery Range’. Example here:

Using Bosch Nyon to map distance by battery usage


5) Create your own assistance levels

Fed up of the pre set 4 modes? – Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo. Do you like to tinker? Did you know that you can create your own assistance levels? You can customise up to 4 of your own modes, for example you can create different modes for fitness training or particular routes. Custom assistance modes are indicated in yellow as opposed to the normal blue bars as standard:Using phone to make custom modes on Bosch Nyon eBikes


6) Automatically reset trip values

Resetting the previous trip values before every ride can be tedious. Did you know you can set Nyon to automatically reset the last ride metrics every day at midnight? This wont delete all your map and fitness data, but will reset the basics of the ‘Ride Screen’ like trip distance, average speed & trip time etc. Do this by scrolling down to ‘Auto Reset’ within the ‘My Nyon’ tab in the Settings menu:

Use Bosch Nyon to reset eBike values every day


7) Use Bosch Nyon to determine effective fitness training

When you set up the Bosch Nyon system for the first time, it takes certain physical fitness data from you, the rider. It then uses this data to determine your own personal performance profile. Did you know that all the time you are riding, Nyon tracks both navigation and fitness data in the background, even if you are not using the fitness or navigation features.

This is then compared to your stored fitness data & displays the effect of your current physical endurance. Whilst riding this effect is displayed as the ‘Training Effect’. This will change depending on the level of activity you are performing during the ride. Handy to keep an eye on because it will even tell you if you are Overreaching. The example below shows that we are ‘Maintaining Fitness’:

Fitness Training with Bosch Nyon by electric bike


8) Use Nyon to predict your overall cost saving

You may have noticed in the ‘Dashboard’ screen, that Bosch Nyon will track savings on CO2 and monetary values against using your car for example. Although a little gimmicky, you can even tell how many tree’s you have preserved!. It goes further than this though, rather than just your current ride, did you know that you can see your overall data, since you very first stepped over your new eBike. To do this scroll right on the ‘Dashboard’ screen into the sub menu, then scroll to display over longer timescales:

Track Yearly Savings on CO2 and money with Bosch Nyon


9) Its easier to use your phone to create routes

Although the Bosch Nyon display and controls are easy to navigate and intuitive, its much easier to use the smart phone app to create destinations and select routes, with a full keyboard. Did you know you can also preset a work address as well as your home address? Once created, choose if you would prefer a Scenic, Fast or Short route, then fire it straight over to your Nyon using bluetooth:


Smart Phone and Bosch eBike Nyon Integration

10) See incoming text messages on screen

Once you link the Bosch Nyon system to your smartphone via the application. You can be alerted when an incoming text message comes through directly on the Bosch Nyon Display. This means you’ll never miss a meeting again! For safety Bosch won’t allow you to read the message until you have stopped cycling, it just alerts you:

Text Messaging on Bosch Nyon Electric Bike


That sums up our top 10 hidden features of the Bosch Nyon system.

Hope you enjoyed the read & most of all learnt something. E-bikeshop are fully trained Bosch technicians both in terms of the mechanical side and the software itself. We have been trained by Bosch themselves on multiple training courses throughout the year.

Not tried it yet? Book an appointment with us to come as see this latest tech, or view the full range of Bosch Nyon equipped bikes here

Dont forget to stay glued to our blog for more updates, we are adding articles all the time. We have many more articles already live for you to learn more here.

Coming Soon: How to use Bosch Nyon Music Player..

Bosch Nyon Music Player on Electric Bike

N.B: You must have the ‘Bosch eBike Connect’ application installed on your smartphone to use features 2, 5, 9 & 10 above. Some features require a one off in app purchase.

About Martin Brown

Martin has been in the electric bike industry for over 10 years & has helped it grow from the start. Promoting eBikes across the UK at events & offering the very best advice, tech articles, blogs & videos. In particular Martin is a major player for progressing the use of eMTB’s, today owner of – The UK’s largest eBike supplier specialising in Bosch & Yamaha, good quality European eBikes.


  • Fernando Trabadela

    Hello, I wonder when is going to be possible to add tracks (gpx format from wikiloc) to Nyon. I do mostly offload and the Nyon GPS is completely useless for me. I need to carry my gps system along with the Nyon and its too techy even for me.



    • Hello, No the maps are set, currently you cannot program your own ‘wikiloc’ maps onto the device. The Nyon mapping will pick up on byways and some tracks. It is being updated on a regular basis to offer more mapping.

    • Martinebikeshop

      Hello, No the maps are set, currently you cannot program your own ‘wikiloc’ maps onto the device. The Nyon mapping will pick up on byways and some tracks. It is being updated on a regular basis to offer more mapping.

    • Elly

      As soon as you leave the Nyon planned route, it recalculates and redraws your route according to the one you’re currently on. So you plan a rough route on the Nyon App, have an idea yourself of your intended alternative, minor tracks, then just head down them, Nyon will adapt.

  • Oli

    is it possible to download the activities that you have already done to convert them into “routes” to do again ?
    can you “download” the data to another software ?

    • Hello, this should be done through route tracking in the ‘Navigation’ not the activities or fitness area.

    • Martinebikeshop

      Hello, this should be done through route tracking in the ‘Navigation’ not the activities or fitness area.

  • Andario Andrada

    I´m mostly interested in the “Create your own assistance levels” feature. Does this mean it´s possible to change say “ECO” mode to just 30%, instead of the usual 50% from the Bosch Performance? Because if that´s the case, it should help an awful lot to conseve battery under less demanding conditions…

    And BTW Martin, what´s the least expensive bike you have with the Nyon system?


  • Michael Gruber

    How can I get my track as gpx-File? I want to safe it on Computer and run it again with Garmin devive. Also I want to get the summary of up and down meters of my track.
    How can I load up a track into the nyon, I had saved befor and I want to drive it again?
    I think, this are common features of a navigation device!
    Also, if I drive a rout generated from Nyon, and I want to change the direction, because there is no way to get through, I had to stop the navigation aund make a new navigation, because the device wants to reroute, and there ist no end of it. An endless recalculation starts, after a while, a message pushes up – like cant recalculate…

  • Elly

    Hi Martin, please can you post the link for your article on how to control Iphone music on the Nyons?

    Also, messages don’t appear on my Nyon screen. I’ve checked all the settings, can’t see how to fix it.

  • Henry Benning

    Hi, we have a Scott bike which is using the Nyon system but for some reason the head unit doesn’t want to turn on anymore. it is charged up! When we try to turn it on the Bosch logo will appear as it would normally when it starts up but won’t go any further than that. Do you know if there is a master or factory reset for the Nyon we could try?


    • Martinebikeshop


      Please contact your place of purchase for any after sales support / parts you may require.

  • freespeech11

    this app is not available in canada?what’s up with that??

    • Martinebikeshop


      Please contact your place of purchase for any after sales support / parts you may require.

  • Kristoffer P

    Any news on when the music control function will be available? I also wonder if you know a way to set an initial trip value? I have traveled 850km with my old display and now I would like to start the Nyon display at 851km.

  • Jentoft

    The whole premise of using a proprietary unit for controlling the ebike seems a bit counter intuitive to me in this age of smarphone apps. Are there no system that lets you control your bike solely from your smartphone? It just seems that that would be the direction things are going today. A unit like the Nyon seems redundant?

  • Ryan evans


  • Ryan evans

    Can I use maps on this computer if I don’t have any signal on my mobile phone . I do a lot of forest rides and my mobile phone don’t have signal in a lot of places.

  • Joe Aguayo

    What can one expect to pay for a Bosch Nyon when upgrading from a Intuvia?

  • Matt Trussler

    Hi Martin,
    Is it possible to change the monetary units from Euros to Sterling (£) on the dashboard screen?

  • Kjell Erik Berg

    Just bought a new Nyon, and everything is working fine except message notifications. I have iphone 6 with latest IOS.