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New 2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid eBikes

2024 Cube Kathmandu - Leisure, Hybrid and Touring Electric Bikes

By Ben Mowbray |

The Cube Kathmandu model range of ebikes has a name which has become as synonymous with long distance, fully loaded touring as it has with popping to the shops or riding the local byways. The only Cube leisure bike offered with a Bosch's most powerful 85Nm Generation 4 CX motor and for this year, newly updated to include the latest Bosch Smart System components, the Kathmandu will once again be looking to retain its crown as the best value, all purpose hybrid machine. We don't expect it to struggle!


2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid models. Which Kathmandu is right, for you?

As with all of Cube's model range of electric bikes, the Kathmandu is more than just one bike. In fact, its 6 different bikes, each with 3 different frame options and offered in alternate colours ways in 5 different sizes. The Kathmandu name is found on 90 different bikes for 2024. 

At E-Bikeshop, we've handpicked just the best value options to make your choice much easier. 

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750


What's the difference between the 2024 Kathmandu One, Pro, EXC, SLT and SLX?

Similar to when buying a car, where the "body" stays the same but the equipment attached is different, Cube offer the 2024 Kathmandu Hybrid models in varying specification levels. 

The Kathmandu Hybrid One is their entry level bike, designed for newer or "lighter use" riders. Those who tend to cover shorter distances, mostly stick to paved surfaces, don't tend to carry much on the bike or otherwise wont be out on it every day will find that the One model has everything they need (and possible a little more too!). The Hybrid One will cover all of their riding at a price point which makes sense for less frequent or demanding riders while still offering Bosch's most powerful drive system for maximum support. 

The Kathmandu Hybrid Pro is normally the most highly sought after and most sold model in their range each year. Offering a jump in suspension, brake and gear component value, it lends itself to those who like to be out every weekend, taking in the tracks, trails and countryside views as readily as lugging home a weeks worth of shopping on its frame integrated pannier rack. Since this is the most common type of leisure style electric bike rider, it also offers the best value to most. 

A step above the Pro model, the Kathmandu Hybrid EXC offers a modest jump in specification for just a small increase in cost. The first in the model line to get 12 gears and 4 piston brakes, hills become flatter and it'll pull you, your bike and its luggage to a stop quickly and easily, even in the worst conditions. 

The two very top models - the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLT and SLX see two further, significant jumps in specification and its at this point that mountain bike specific components start to appear, alluding to the type of rider who might justify the extra cost of these two range topping options. At £4,199 and £4,499 respectively, these are the two highest priced Kathmandu models we've ever sold and are best suited to those who simply can't get off their bike, and will subject them to the heaviest, roughest of use cases. 12 speed Shimano XT gearing, 4 piston hydraulic brakes and Rockshox suspension allow this ultra capable bike to traverse almost any terrain, fully loaded up with luggage for days or weeks at a time without hassle or fuss. 

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750


Crossbar, Uni, or Easy Entry? 

As well as multiple specification and colour options, Cube also offer the 2024 Kathmandu Hybrid models in multiple frame styles and there really is no right or wrong answer on this part. Its entirely personal preference, but there are a few things which are worthwhile considering. 

The Crossbar model, normally seen as a "men's" bike offers the traditional horizontal crossbar. 

The Trapeze or "Uni" frame still has a crossbar, but its positioned much lower, which dramatically reduces the stand-over height of the bike. 

The Easy Entry or "Easy" has no crossbar at all and is great for those with issues with mobility or range of motion. 

When purchasing a bike, especially as riders get older, its worthwhile considering how long you plan to keep the bike and where you see your abilities in the next 8-10 years (or more!) that these bikes are designed to last. 

Problems with knees, hips and backs rarely ease with age and in most cases they will continue to decline, even if only very slowly. If you can just about get a leg over a crossbar right now, would it be worth while considering a Uni or Easy frame now, rather than potentially trading it in much earlier than would have you seeing the best value from it? 

2024 Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750


Bosch's most powerful motor and biggest ever battery. 

All of the new 2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid models come with Bosch's most powerful 85Nm Generation 4 Performance CX motor, along with their biggest ever 750Wh battery - offering up to 160 miles of fully assisted riding from a single charge. All are optimised for the new "Smart System" hardware and software family. With built in diagnostics, "over the air" updates and on some models even satellite navigation (Pro and above) as standard, there has never been a more advanced eBike drive system. 

2024 Bosch Smart System Gen 4 CX Kiox 300 LED Remote


2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid models.

A manufacturer that produces nearly 200 model variants each year is a bit mind-boggling, so we trim the range down and hand pick just those which we think will offer our customers the best possible value option for the type of riding these bikes are designed to cover. Below are the models we'll be stocking in the 2024 model year; 

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 750 2024

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 750

The entry level model in the 2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid range but packing some exceptional features for its price point, the Kathmandu Hybrid One gets a wide range 10-42t Shimano Deore 10 speed gear set up, MT200 hydraulic brakes and a plush set of 100mm travel Suntour forks. The Bosch Generation 4 motor and 750Wh battery make this a truly exceptional value long distance tourer or weekly shop carrier. At £3,399, you'll struggle to find another Gen 4 powered bike offering the same specification. 

Learn more about the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One 750 Crossbar, Kathmandu Hybrid One 750 Uni or Kathmandu Hybrid One 750 Easy


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 2024

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750

A step up from the Hybrid One model, the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 gets all of the same specification with a couple of great value tweaks. As well as an ultra wide 11-51T cassette, it gains an extra gear and a set of air front forks. These well balanced forks can be adjusted for user weight and ultimate comfort or performance. The Pro is also the first model in the range to make use of Bosch's new Kiox 300 full colour LCD display, enabling fitness tracking and Satellite Navigation (utilising the accompanying Bosch eBike Flow app). £300 more than the Hybrid One model, but with over £600 more in specification. 

Learn more about the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 Crossbar, Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 Uni or Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 Easy.


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750 2024

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750

Another small jump in price of just £200 and the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750 offers arguably the best value of the whole range. With an upgrade to mountain bike derived 12 speed gearing, Shimano 4 piston hydraulic brakes and Energizer plus tyres, this particular model is set up for the best and worst of everything. Whether you're planning a long distance tour, popping to the shops or hitting the local byways and trails, the EXC model can cover it all with ease and in comfort and style. 

Learn more about the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750 Crossbar, Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750 Uni or Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750 Easy.


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750 2024

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750

By now you're probably starting to see the "theme" with the Kathmandu model range and another £200 over the EXC model gets you the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750. For your extra £200 over the EXC, this time you're getting an upgrade to a full Shimano XT group set, including 12 speed gears and their 4 piston XT hydraulic brakes. The front forks also see a big jump - to a set of Rockshox Recon Silver air driven forks. Only normally found on mountain bikes, they allude to the intended home of the Kathmandu Hybrid SLX and it'll offer the best value to those who spend a lot of time on dirt tracks and trails. 

Learn more about the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750 Crossbar, Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750 Uni or Kathmandu Hybrid SLX 750 Easy.


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLT 750 2024

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid SLT 750

Sitting right at the very top of the Cube Kathmandu range, the¬†Kathmandu Hybrid SLT 750¬†is the very pinnacle of Bosch Generation 4 driven leisure and touring bikes. Fitted with all of the specification of the SLX, it gets another fork upgrade in the form of Rockshox Recon Gold 100m travel and fully adjustable trail forks. The suspension seat post also sees and upgrade, to a fully adjustable option to fine tune the ride comfort of this ultra-capable machine. This is¬†ÔĽŅtheÔĽŅ bike for long distance riders and those to who like to go¬†ÔĽŅanywhereÔĽŅ while fully loaded up with luggage or other stowables.


Are you planning to buy a 2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid model? 

We hope that this post has provided you with all of the information you need to make a more informed decision on which 2024 Cube Kathmandu is best for you, but if you're still stuck, you're always very welcome to Contact Us and we'll be very happy to help. The full specification, geometry charts and much more are provided on each product page. 

2024 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 750 Easy Entry

If you've already seen enough, you can head straight over to the Cube Electric Bikes page and join tens of thousands of happy Kathmandu riders worldwide. 

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