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Best Looking Electric Mountain Bikes for 2016

Top 5: Best Looking Electric MTB's Bikes for 2016

By Martin Brown |

We set out to take a look at the top 5 best looking electric mountain bikes for 2016. Remember we're not talking budget, components or specification. Just looks on this one!

The new season is upon us and the eBike frenzy has taken off. With more and more manufacturers on board & some model ranges doubling in size we thought it only necessary to take a look at the top 5 (our opinion!) best looking electric bikes.

Following a visit to EuroBike it's clear that it's now hard to find a manufacturer that doesn't offer something eAssited. Now time to round up the top 5:

No1: Haibike xDuro DwnHill Pro

Haibike 2016 Downhill Electric Bike We like that fact that Haibike have gone balls out on this one, not only does it look great, but it actually makes perfect sense if you sit back and look at the bigger picture - To go downhill you have to go uphill first, forget the uplifts or any of that walking lark. Why not ride up?!

No2: Scott E-Genius 710 Plus

New 2016 Scott eGenius Electric Mountain Bike Yes - You could argue that someone tripped over with a box of highlighter pens in the design room at Scott. But the 'in thing' is bright and vibrant at the moment. Scott certainly set the trend here with the addition of the +PLUS tyres.

No3: Haibike Carbon Ultimate

Haibike Carbon eBike 2016 The Haibike Full Carbon Ultimate couldn't go without a mention not only because it looks the business, but if we are talking about the best looking bikes, who doesn't love carbon? From the wheels, frame, post, bars, saddle and even the cranks.. It's carbon heaven!

No4: Lapierre Overvolt SX 800

Lapierre Overvolt Yamaha eBike 2016 Designed by 10 times world champion. Nico Vouilloz set out to create this full 170mm Enduro rig with clean lines that follow front to back and sleek finish this deserves to be in the top 5! We love the colour scheme on this one as much as we love the setup!

No5: Haibike sDuro Full FatSix

Full Suspension Fat Bike from Haibike @ EuroBike Either Haibike have gone bonkers or there's some logic behind it. Either way, rocking around on this badboy certainly sets the rider apart from the crowd. A full suspension fat bike! Spec aside this bike looks the nuts. We're sure it'll grip the trails as much the attention it attracts.


Yes, Haibike clearly headline here with 3/5 of the top spots! Be it their beautiful integration of the Yamaha & Bosch eSystems or the crazy lines and graphics. But their are also some new cards on the table with decent finishing kit and sleek lines.

Here's a quick vid of Guido Tschugg rocking out the DH bike above in a little town in Croatia:


One thing that is clear that eBikes have moved forward a hell of a way in the past few years. No longer is your stereotypical imagination of an eBike a shopper with duchess handlebars. But now anything up to a fully blown DH bike! We like the way things are moving.

With this comes more adopters, more people that 'get it' and of course more people out riding - Which is the main aim of the game at the end of the day!

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Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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