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Litelok core diamond rated bicycle lock
Litelok Core - THE most secure bicycle lock? Wed, Dec 08, 21
With bike theft at its highest rate ever, Sold Secure, the most popular testing house for high end bicycle and motorcycle security chains and locks have recently tightened up their... Read More
New Bosch eBike System Revealed for 2022
New 2022 Bosch eBike System Tue, Aug 31, 21
It's that time again where Bosch reveal what the latest-and-greatest features are of the new Bosch eBike system 2022. Bosch are constantly innovating their electric bike systems to meet the... Read More
2022 ebike release dates
"When are 2022 eBikes coming out?" and other 2022 eBike questions... Fri, Jun 25, 21
There's no denying it. The bike industry is crippled by both demand and the lack of capacity to fulfil it and with 2021 bikes now almost sold out globally the... Read More
Electric Bike 2021 Delays
"Why is it so hard to buy a bike right now?" Buying a new eBike in 2021/2022. Fri, Feb 26, 21
2020 was a testing year for the cycle industry & 2021 is shaping up to be the same. Why is it so hard to buy a bike? What is causing... Read More
eBike 2020 updates
New Bosch 2020 Performance CX eBike System Confirmed Thu, Jun 06, 19
What's new for Bosch electric bikes in 2020? The Bosch Performance CX eBike system for 2020 boasts a load of new features. Keep reading to learn more… Read More
2019 Cube Electric Bike Range at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
E-Bikeshop Take On Cube Electric Bikes for 2019 Wed, Dec 05, 18
We're excited to announce that we've expanded our eBike brand portfolio for 2019. Alongside our existing range, we'll now be offering all Cube electric bikes via our dedicated eBike shop... Read More
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