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2021 Gocycle G4 Electric Folding Bikes

New 2021 Gocycle G4 models - What's the difference?

By Ben Mowbray |

Gocycle have launched their 4th Generation line-up with 3 brand new models - the entry model Gocycle G4, Gocycle G4i and the top of the range Gocycle G4i+.

Their biggest feature overhaul and most technologically advanced product since the launch of the Gocycle G2 in 2012, we take a deeper look at the differences between their three exciting new folding electric bikes.

Gocycle G4i Folding electric bicycle

Since their initial launch back in 2009, Gocycle have continued to innovate and improve their models with each new generation and the 4th incarnation of one of the worlds most popular folding electric bikes is not only no different, but their biggest technological leap since the Gocycle G2 in 2012.

Before we get into the differences between the models, we'll take a look at some brand new features and what's changed across all three new models.

New Carbon fibre front fork

Gocycle G4 & G4i Carbon Fibre Front Fork

All three models will be benefiting from a redesigned front end, which loses the traditional rubber fork boot in favour of a much cleaner headset area and new plastic cover. This cover is where the new mudguards and lights will mount and both accessories come with a new plastic cover with mounting points built in, making the swapping out of components much easier. As well as easier maintenance and component compatibility, the new carbon fork also aids in weight reduction while adding a bit of compliance and comfort to the front of the bike.

Also neatly integrated into the inside of the fork leg is the purpose designed new home for the bike's main control board, making servicing easier (and therefore cheaper) at the dealer. This small and neatly tucked away waterproof housing for the motor controller no longer requires complete disassembly of the rear CleanDrive section, and can be accessed with the wheel still in place!

New Carbon mid-frame section

Gocycle G4 Mid Frame

Perhaps one of the most visually obvious updates to the new Gocycle G4 model range is the new carbon fibre mid frame section. As well as the clear weight reduction that using carbon brings, the use of this newly redesigned part in composite offers much better alignment of the two folding main frame parts. It also incorporates a new seat post clamp for better strength and accessibility of the clamp itself and works to offset one main component which got a little fatter during lockdown...

New Gocycle G4Drive motor

Gocycle G4Drive Motor

At a glance and certainly from the side, you'd be forgiven for missing this neatly integrated change. The brand new G4Drive motor system in the 4th Generation line-up is arguably the biggest change across all 3 models. The first motor update since the 2012 G2 model, it has a knock-on effect elsewhere on the bike.

A much flatter profile, its also slightly larger and therefore heavier but this increased weight is easily offset elsewhere, like the new carbon mid frame section and front fork.

With more torque and improved slow speed start-up, its much more responsive - allowing commuters the chance to take off up the road before the cars have made it away from the traffic lights!

Because of this new design, several other features of the bike have also had to change. The entire system is now 36 volt in order to generate the extra torque and this brings it in line with most other manufacturers but it also required Gocycle to introduce a degree of "dish" to the wheels to account for the new offset and so the PitStop wheels are a new design for 2021.

A USB Charging Port!

Gocycle G4i Integrated usb port

Probably one of the most overlooked but super useful things on any electric bike, especially one designed for commuters and those in towns and cities is the ability to charge devices on the fly. A feature now offered as standard on all Bosch systems, its great to see this functionality pop up on the Gocycle models and offering its owners an extra bit of added value in their ride.

Other updates

Along with the above technological changes, lots of other bits have been changed too and although many of them will remain unseen or not be immediately obvious, their effects combined really launch the Gocycle electric bikes one step further into the future. The Gocycle G4, G4i and G4i+ all benefit from higher volume silicone compound tyres for unparalleled grip, new titanium hinge pins at the centre and bar fold and as always, attention has also been paid to servicing. Further simplified wiring and the new location for the motor controller speed service and maintenance and drives down labour costs at the dealer, along with revisions to the CleanDrive for even higher long term reliability and less maintenance. On the user side, as normal, the clever PitStop wheel design and single sided fork and swing arm mounting allows for the changing of tyres and the repair of punctures without having to remove the wheel.

Gocycle G4

Gocycle G4 Folding electric bike black

Despite being the "entry" level model, the Gocycle G4 is already a big step up from its Gocycle GX predecessor. Available in Electric Blue, Matte Black and White, the GoCycle G4 uses the same motor as the rest of the range, with a slightly smaller quick-removable 300Wh battery rated for up to 40 miles (depending on rider input).

It has a LED "fuel gauge" on the dashboard to keep the rider aware of current charge status, and a mechanical Microshift 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub gear system. The total weight is just 16.6kg and folded up, its small enough to pop into a boot or under a desk at only 880mm x 390mm x 615mm. The G4 doesn't come with lights, so the Commuter Pack will be a great optional accessory on the G4 for those who ride at night or in low light.

Gocycle G4i

Gocycle G4i Folding electric bike Gunmetal Grey

Sitting in the middle of line-up from Gocycle for 2021 and offered in Gunmetal Grey, Matte Black and White, the Gocycle G4i folding electric bike offers the best value of components vs specification.

Including everything on the Gocycle G4, the G4i model benefits from a LightPipe front DRL (Daytime Running Light) with 4 user selectable operation modes. It also has a larger battery, something it shares with the G4i+ and gets an extra 10 miles to a full charge, bringing the total estimated range up to 50 miles.

Building on the dashboard on the G4, the G4i has a much larger, more comprehensive dashboard, using an LED matrix to offer information on battery charge state and current gear selection. The G4i is also the first of the top two models which comes with Gocycle's own electronic Predictive shifting. While pedalling, the system will automatically switch gears based on cadence and speed, with a manual override on the handlebars for user selected gear operation.

The G4i also gets a slight upgrade to the seat too - it comes fitted with the Velo Ergo Comfort saddle over the Ergo Sport fitted on the entry level model.

Gocycle G4i+

Gocycle G4i+ Folding electric bike Red

Topping off the new 2021 model range, the Gocycle G4i+ is the very top spec model and is being offered in two colourways - Gloss black and Red (pictured above).

Including all of the spec from the G4 and G4i models and its unique colourway options, the G4i+ also comes with fully carbon fibre wheels, reducing the overall weight of the bike by a further third of a Kilo.

While we expect that the majority of customer will likely go for the G4i because of its value point, the G4i+ saw a bigger than expected surge in early demand on pre-orders, and allows owners to really stand out from the rest!

Gocycle Specification Table



G4i+ G4i G4
Frame Colour

Gloss Black/Red Gunmetal Grey/Matte Black/White Electric Blue/Matte Black/White
Pitstop Wheel

Carbon Fibre Magnesium Magnesium
Daytime Running Light

Gocycle Lightpipe Gocycle Lightpipe None

Up to 80km (50 Miles) Up to 80km (50 Miles) Up to 65km (40 Miles)

Gocycle G4Drive Hub Gocycle G4Drive Hub Gocycle G4Drive

36V 375Wh 36V 375Wh 36V 300Wh
Charging Time

3.5 Hours 3.5 Hours 3.0 Hours
Handlebar Display

Integrated dashboard display with fuel gauge, speed, gear indication. Integrated dashboard display with fuel gauge, speed, gear indication. LED Fuel Gauge

Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting Mechanical Microshift

Patented CleanDrive Shimano Nexus 3-Speed

Patented CleanDrive Shimano Nexus 3-Speed

Patented CleanDrive Shimano Nexus 3-Speed


Velo D2 Comfort Velo D2 Comfort Velo Sport

MKS UX-D, One side detachable pedal MKS UX-D, One side detachable pedal Gocycle Folding Pedal


We hope this has provided everything you need to make an informed decision on the differences between the 4 new Gocycle models, which will suit you best and set you on your new folding ebike journey!

You can purchase the Gocycle G4 here, the Gocycle G4i here and the Gocycle G4i+ here.

Ben Mowbray at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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