It's important to read our COVID-19 policy as some of our operating procedures have changed, at least for the interim.
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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

The below was published: 15/07/2020

In addition to our previous published updates below on our COVID-19 policy, we are now incrementally resuming normal service.

We've had to constantly adapt our business and the way in which we work over the past 17 weeks. Fortunately, we are now implementing a plan to resume normal service. Albeit incrementally and with some restrictions following government advice.

It's important that we communicate these changes properly and we'll list the 3 main changes below, in addition to our visitor guide:

Bike & Parts Deliveries

Bike & Parts Deliveries

We are beginning to get on top of bike orders and are now in a position to get orders out quicker.

Whilst we are not able to get right back to our next day service, we are now able to offer bike deliveries in 2-3 days, which was previously 5-7 days.

Some parts on your bike order, if out of stock, will follow separate once back in.

Parts orders should be expected within 1-2 days. These are dispatched same day if ordered before 1pm.

Service & Repair Workshop

Service & Repair Workshop

We are beginning to open our workshop back up as of 20th July 2020.

You can book in online here.

Whilst we are happy to take in work as required. We are running limited bookings, these will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Remember we only take in bikes purchased from us. Also, with limited bookings available we'd prefer to accommodate more serious/emergency jobs into the workshop.

Showroom Bookings

Showroom Bookings

Our showroom will be back open, by appointment as of 10th August 2020.

You can book in online here.

We ask that this is for more serious enquiries, with limited bookings availableThese will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We have two showrooms, one of which has been closed. This means not all bikes will be built up for viewing. If you wish to check, please feel free to contact us.

For workshop, collections and sales/showroom bookings on site, it's important to read our dedicated COVID-19 Visitor Guide here.

The below updates are previous updates. Keep reading to learn more, but some things may have changed as above.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

The below was published: 24/05/2020

In addition to our previous published update below on our COVID-19 policy, we've had to further adapt the way we communicate with you, our clients and also the way in which we process orders, more specifically eBikes.

Over the last 8 weeks we've seen a huge change across many factors of our business. From the supply chain, stock, staff, the huge level of demand and the increase of enquiries and support that come with that too.

We are here and we've all been working very hard to do the very upmost to deal with this all, at once and relatively unannounced. Here are a few things that we've had to change, at least in the short term, while we continue to adapt deal with the peak:

Electric Bike Deliveries

Electric Bike Deliveries

Due to the level of demand, we are no longer to offer our usual next day service on eBike orders.

To manage your expectation, we will aim to deliver all bikes within 5-7 days. If we can deliver it sooner, then of course we will.

To be clear, some bikes will/could arrive sooner. You will be notified via email from our system on dispatch and receive a follow-up email with tracking directly from our couriers.

If your order is expected to take more than 1 week, we will endeavour to make contact to give you an expectation. Some parts on your bike order, if out of stock, will follow separate once back in.



We are here and we are here to help. However, we've seen a huge level of increase in enquiries, particularity via telephone.

Many enquiries are all answered here, on our website. We've invested a lot into it and it should be used as a resource.

Everyday we've been receiving 100's of general enquiries regarding delivery of orders, updates, order amendments and so on. Unfortunately this does have a massive impact on an already stretched workforce and is/can further delay getting orders out. We're real people and we only have enough hours in the day to handle these requests and fulfil orders.

Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Did you know we've fully automated every part of our website to handle your order? 

Whether this be paying by debit/credit card in our checkout or using out PayPal one click service, it can all be done here online.

You can also process Finance directly on our checkout from start to finish. 

We offer most Cycle To Work schemes and if you're using Cyclescheme we've automated our shopping cart to redeem vouchers at the checkout.

Still stuck? Sure - we're here to help. 

New to electric bikes? Now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors & stay healthy. Why not use our 5 Step eBike Journey? Learn here.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

The below was published: 24/03/2020

COVID-19 is impacting every part of our lives. We're doing everything we can to help keep everyone safe during these uncertain times, as well as ensuring our clients are both happy and shopping safe at

We are taking necessary steps to follow government guidelines following the Corona Virus outbreak.

How does this affect business with us?

 The government has set out guidance which specifically exempts bike shops from remaining closed. This is outlined in the latest agenda (23rd March 2020) viewed online here.

Bike shops are crucial in the help to fight COVID-19 with many NHS staff reliant on bicycles (& eBikes) as a mode of transport to and from places of work.

Corona Virus

With less public transport available, bikes remain a fast and reliable form of transport in major towns & cities. This goes for take-away delivery riders too, delivering food to people in isolation and the elderly too. Not forgetting the health of the British people who have been given approval for one outing for exercise a day.

How This Affects Business With Us?

On 23rd March the Government, stepped up measures to prevent the spread of Corona virus and save lives. Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal.

We are doing everything possible to adapt to these unprecedented times. We have adapted the way you shop with us as follows:

Electric Bike Home Delivery

Home Delivery

We will continue to offer next day delivery where possible on both eBikes, Spare Parts and Accessories.

Bikes will be dispatched and associated tracking sent as normal. However please accept there may be minor delays due to a reduced delivery workforce.

Electric Bike Collections

Bike Collections

Whilst we encourage bike orders via delivery service, we can offer collections if this is essential.

This is done in a social distancing way* to protect our staff. You will speak to an assistant via our intercom on arrival.

Electric Bike Video Demonstrations

Video Call Demos

Our showroom is not open to the public. Instead, we have setup up private 1-2-1 video calls.

We are offering a custom video call to show you a selected model and have any questions answered. Book online here to request a call now.

Electric Bike Payment Processing

Payment Processing

We will now only be offering online payments (remotely) via our website and online payment requests.

Other payments can be made remotely and our team will assist you with online payment requests where necessary.

*Bike collections are pre-arranged and avoided where possible. Your bike will be isolated in our lobby for you to be buzzed in via intercom to collect and take-away. There will be no staff contact at this point so please make sure you are able to put the bike in the car for transport or ride away accordingly.

All bikes are delivered in boxes which are subsequently sealed with a high performance 20micron film before dispatch.

For peace of mind, most of our courier delivery drivers are wearing protective gloves and allowing to drop the parcel to your door without entering and without the need to touch any pads for signatures.

Bike deliveries are delivered fully assembled but you'll need to fit the pedals, align the bars & pop the front wheel on (some models).

More information can be found on our delivery page

Sealed eBike Deliveries

You can find our handy guide here about how to setup your new bike. We will also be offering (where possible) a video call should you run into any difficulty where a member of our support team will be able to guide you.

Service/Repair Workshop

Due to our COVID-19 policy, our service and repair workshop is temporarily closed. We will reviewing this week-by-week and will open this facility back up on the booking page here as soon as possible. 

We can take in emergency repairs for NHS, support workers and those delivering essentials by eBike. If you need to make an emergency booking, please contact our team who will be happy to make arrangements with you directly.

We thank you or your patience and will be happy to fulfil any service/repair enquiries when we open the workshop back up.

Our Staff Safety & Health

Safety and health to both our staff and clients is paramount. So in addition to the above, we've set out new policies based on the given government advice. Please excuse us as we adapt in these uncertain times and follow best practice:

Client Interactions

Client Interactions

All staff interactions are kept to a minimum.

This includes interactions with clients, which are unable to enter our showrooms and workshops accordingly.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing

Regular hand washing is required by all staff.

Workshop technicians will only work on your electric bike with protective gloves accordingly.

Staff Distancing

Staff Distancing

We endeavour to distance staff wherever possible.

This includes client interaction as set out above to reduce any risk to both employees and clients.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning & Sanitation

We have increased our cleaning & sanitation on site.

Regular cleaning of communal areas is paramount to stop any risk of contamination.

What Else Are We Doing? 

In addition to the above, our team are on mixed rotas to limit staff in both the office and downstairs in the warehouse & workshops.

We have also negotiated further stock from our suppliers to endeavour to keep our warehouse as stocked up as possible.

We are also conscious to avoid any delays due to logistics and border controls being tightened.

Our service & repair workshops continue to run as normal, however with the drop off & collection procedures detailed above.

 Our couriers have managed to deliver 98% of our shipments on a next day basis in the last 7 days. 

Thank you for reading this update and we'll continue to update this where possible as we adapt to these rapidly changing times.