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Blog posts 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 and Vibe H30 Mid electric bikes

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 and Vibe H30 Mid electric bikes

By Ben Mowbray |

Since its launch two years ago, the Orbea Vibe model range has been expanded and updated to keep up with fast paced ultra-urban and bicycle commuting lifestyles, while still lending itself perfectly to weekend leisure cycling. Offering 40Nm and more than enough range for the daily commute and a bit of weekend 

Hand crafted and finished by Orbea in Mallabia, the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 range still offers great value in a beautifully finished package. 


What makes the 2023 Orbea Vibe so special?

The Vibe was born from the F series models of several years ago. Essentially one of their Gain models with a Tiagra group set, it simply featured a set of flat bars rather than the drop bars of a traditional road bike. 

Fast-forward a couple of years and armed with ample feedback from F series owners who loved their comfort and versatility, the Orbea Vibe range was honed into the perfectly crafted commuting and leisure machine it is today. 

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Crossbar

Nimble, responsive, compact and yet exceptionally light at just over 16.6kg for the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 non-equipped version, it lends itself well to those who need an effortlessly simple bike they can just hop on and take off to work, the shops, or along the local trails and byways.

2023 Orbea Vibe technology

Mahle X35 Drive system.

The 2023 Orbea Vibe models exclusively use the Mahle X35 motor which is also found on the "Gain" series road bikes. This super light-weight drive system offers up to 40Nm of effortlessly punchy support when you need it but is light enough to use the bike without when you don't. The only hub drive system we have ever stocked, and purely on its merits of being ultra-reliable.

Mahle MySmartBike

In order to do away with unnecessary distractions and shave further weight, the Mahle system doesn't come with a traditional ebike screen as standard, however all Mahle equipped electric bikes from Orbea come with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity as standard. 

The 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 models are all set up as standard to communicate with the Mahle My SmartBike app. This easy to use mobile app offers a huge range of data about the bike and its rider. Not only can it be used to keep tabs on your battery status and range, speed, distance and time ridden along with other bike specific data, it also includes a complete fitness tracking suite. 

"Urban Geometry"

When designing the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 models, Orbea skilfully looked to anticipate how riders would use the bike, especially in urban and ultra-urban environments. A more upright seating position than a pure road bike, but not as aggressive as a mountain bike, the geometry leans itself towards optimum vision and comfort. 

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Black


Orbea have gone to great lengths to include other features in the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 frame to enhance the enjoyment of the bike and improve its aesthetics. Fully integrated cable routing creates a simpler, much more clean look, with only the very bare minimum necessary on show. The low-drain high output integrated lights are also internally wired, and automatically come on when the bike is powered up. The 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ models also feature an extra high/low beam headlight in additional to the standard equipment daytime running lights. 


Weighing as much as 10kg less than similar styles bikes using a crank drive system, the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 is easily manoeuvrable both on and off the bike and makes carving through traffic and busy areas a breeze. Its quick, playful handling, responsive motor and strong hydraulic brakes allow immediate changes of direction in complete confidence. 

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Lightweight electric bike

Extended range

The 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 models have a theoretical range of up to 80 miles, however this depends on how efficient the rider is, and how much the rider relies on the higher power modes. For those who want to venture further, a handy bolt on Mahle X35 Range Extender option is available, almost doubling the bikes assistance range. 

2023 Orbea Vibe EQ or Non-EQ?

All of the 2023 Orbea Vibe models are available as either an "EQ" or "Non-EQ" model. You'll find them styled as "2023 Orbea Vibe H30" and "2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ". 

Which to go for depends on your riding style and intended use of the bike. 

The non-EQ is naturally the lighter of the two. Still equipped with front and rear daytime running lights, it offers all of the normal riding essentials for those who tend to carry anything on their bike and aren't afraid of a bit of mud or water. 

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Green Crossbar

The EQ models offer all of the same specification of the non-EQ, but with the addition of a set of all-alloy mudguards (specifically made by Orbea just for the Vibe models), a pannier rack, an extra high-low beam headlight and a side stand. 

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ Crossbar Black

Its worthwhile considering your intended use of the bike carefully prior to purchase. While its possible to get the side stand separately, Orbea don't offer the mudguards and rack as post-sale accessories and you'll need to rely on aftermarket products which never look quite as sleek!  Although a few hundred pounds more, that EQ does represent very good value when you consider the individually cost of the extra components if you're ever likely to get the use from them. 


2023 Orbea Vibe Crossbar, or Mid? 

As with the EQ/non-EQ option, the 2023 Orbea Vibe models are also offered in both crossbar and mid-frame frame choices. A very much personal choice, there is no right or wrong answer on which to go for.

The smaller frames will struggle with the addition of a water bottle or the option of a range extender, but the Mid frame option does provide a significant amount of extra stand over height which is really useful if you have short legs and even when on the right size bike, find the crossbar being uncomfortable close when stopped or getting on/off the bike!

2023 Orbea Vibe models

Here at E-Bikeshop, we choose to only stock the Orbea Vibe H30 variants. Another (the Vibe H10) is available, however we believe that the H30 offers better value and better suits the needs of almost all compatible riders without the need to spend more money on things they might not use.

2023 Orbea Vibe H30

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Crossbar Blue

The most commonly sold version of the Orbea Vibe model range, the Vibe H30 is incredibly versatile and is the lightest weight option of all of the model variants. 

Learn more about the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30.

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ Crossbar Black

Everything from the non-EQ version, but with the addition of Orbea's own alloy mudguards, pannier rack, side stand and extra high/low beam headlight. 

Learn more about the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ.

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Mid

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Mid Green

The 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Mid is exactly the same specification as the Crossbar, but with a much lower crossbar. Great for those who like to pop themselves forward off the saddle when stopping or getting on an off the bike. 

Learn more about the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 Mid.

2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ Mid

203 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ Mid Red

Again mirroring the specification of the ordinary Mid version of the 2023 Orbea Vibe, the EQ model also offers the addition of a set of alloy mud guards, pannier rack, side stand and extra high/low beam headlight. 

Learn more about the 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ Mid. 

Which 2023 Orbea Vibe H30 will you buy this year? 

Whether you're commuting, looking to increase your distance or just pop to the shops there is an Orbea Vibe for you. You can find all of our options on the dedicated page for the 2023 Orbea Vibe Electric Bikes. 


Ben Mowbray at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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