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2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Electric Bike Range

2024 Cube Reaction - Best electric Hard Tail mountain bikes?

By Ben Mowbray |

Possibly the best hard tail mountain bike range ever? The Cube Reaction Hybrid eMTB returns for 2024 with new drive systems, smarter technology and a bonkers price point to squeeze its competitors so hard their eyes will water. Again. 

It's next to impossible to fault the Cube Reaction Hybrid model range. Year after year it rolls back into dealers having been sold out for months and is always even better looking, offers more toys and a carries a price tag which really makes them the hardest bike to say no to when you compare them to their other Bosch driven competitors.


Which 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid is the best for you and your riding this year?

Along with the entirety of Cube's offering each year, the Reaction Hybrid isn't just one bike. The Reaction Hybrid name covers a mind-boggling range, from entry level, right up to pro level specifications and in up to 6 sizes, two frame styles and in some cases multiple colour options. Their most wide reaching model, the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid actually has a truly bonkers 492 unique options in the range. 

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750

When selecting your new 2024 Reaction, its worth weighing up the components fitted to the bike, against your planned riding use. If you are new to riding or only cover very light tracks and trails around your local areas, the Performance model would be absolutely perfect. 

If you ride rougher terrain or often travels to one of the UKs numerous trail centres to take advantage of the more technical riding on offer, the more expensive models will offer you more in the way of power, gears, brakes and suspension tuning ability. 

What's the difference between the Reaction Hybrid Performance, Pro, and Race models? 

When buying a 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid, everyone will be "starting" at the same point. The frame, regardless of model, is pretty much identical across the whole model range. Its what's attached to the frame in the form of its components which make up the difference in performance, and therefore price.

The models follow the same naming convention each year. Starting at the entry level option, the Reaction Hybrid Performance is cheapest and comes with a 625Wh battery as its largest option. The range then jumps to the use of Bosch's brand new 750Wh batteries and moves through the Reaction Hybrid One, Pro, Race, SLX and finally the SLT. 

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race Kiox 300

As you go up through the models, the drive system (motor, battery and controller), brakes, gears and suspension increase in performance level and so the price of the complete bike increases alongside. 

When picking which models to stock each year, we're very mindful of the level of components fitted vs the price of the bike and try to cater to as many riders as we possibly can, leaving out the more niche options. This means that regardless of which option you decide to buy, it was already handpicked by our ebike expert team for its performance against its value proposition. 

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 750 Shimano

You'll notice that for 2024 we chose not to stock the SLX or SLT models. This is not because they're a bad bike - like the rest of the range, they're actually fantastic. A little too fantastic unfortunately, but the price point matches the specification. The only reason we choose not to stock them is because their price point overlaps with Cubes own 2024 Stereo Hybrid full suspension electric bike models and with the SLT model costing £4,499, we think that riders with over £4k burning a hole would be get better value from spending £100 less and buying the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Pro or, for just a few hundred pounds more, the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Race. 


ePowered by Bosch.

Based in Germany, Cube are an exclusively Bosch driven brand. Turning out more than several thousand bikes a day means that having a single drive manufacturer dramatically simplifies production and if you're going to pick just one, you can be sure that they picked another German company to make sure their bikes are not only the best value on the market, but they're also the most reliable. 

Widely considered the closest to infallible, the Bosch drive systems can be found in many top manufacturers bikes and are favoured for their ease of use, integration and outstanding reliability record. 

While the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance uses the 625Wh battery, all other 2024 Cube Reaction variants will be taking advantage of the newest Bosch 750Wh battery and the complete "Smart System" software package which combined with the new Bosch eBike Flow app, now allows for over the air software updates. 

2024 Bosch Smart System Gen 4 CX Kiox 300 LED Remote



2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid models.

For 2024, we've handpicked the Performance, Pro and Race models to offer the best level of value and components to cover almost any type of riding from light tracks and trails, gravel, hard-pack and paved roads to some the UKs best trail centres, the 2024 Cube Reaction model line offers someone for every type of mixed surface rider. 

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Bosch LED Remote


Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 & 625 2024

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500

The 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance comes in two versions. One with a 500Wh battery and the other with a 625Wh and is now the entry level model in the Reaction range but comes feature packed to support riders new and old, fast or slow. The newly updated Bosch Performance Line motor now offers an increased 75Nm of torque fed by a 625Wh battery for up to 140 miles of assisted riding. Coupled with its Shimano 9 speed gearing and MT200 brakes, its a solid performing bike for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. 

Head over to the product page for the full specification, more images and to purchase the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 and 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625. 

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 & 750 2024 

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750

Only one step up in the model line, the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro sees a huge jump in specification. Fitted with Bosch's most powerful Generation 4 85Nm motor, 750Wh battery and the LED Remote display, it has bags of torque and enough juice to power you through up to 160 miles of assisted riding. Its also the first in the model line to benefit from fully adjustable air suspension, Shimano 11 speed group set and twin piston hydraulic Shimano MT200 brakes.

This particular model is also offered in two colourways. Above is the grey, below is the white. Its also offered as both a 625Wh and 750Wh battery version.

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro White

You can read more about our most popular Reaction on the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 and 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750 product page.  

Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 750 2024

2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 750

The top model in the range that E-Bikeshop will be stocking for this new model year, the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 750 has all of the same specification as the Pro model, but with the addition of the Kiox 300 integrated display for full bike data, fitness tracking and satellite navigation, a 12 speed Shimano XT group set and larger, 4 piston MT420 hydraulic brakes. As well as the increased brake and gear specification, it also gets a set of Rockshox Judy air forks. 

Normally one of the first to sell out, you can find the highly impressive and superb value specification on the 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 750 product page. 

Ready to buy your 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid? 

We know that the model lines on ebikes can be a little confusing, so we hope this blog post has helped to highlight the key differences in the 2024 Cube Reaction electric mountain bike model line up but if you're still struggling, you're always very welcome to Contact Us or Book an Appointment to come and see the bikes up close. 


If you've seen enough and are ready to buy your new 2024 Cube Reaction model, you can find all of them on the dedicated product page - 2024 Cube Reaction Hybrid


Ben Mowbray at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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