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Cycle To Work Schemes

Cycle to work schemes enable both employees and employers to take advantage of tax exemptions
to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution.

The two most popular schemes are the 'Cyclescheme' and our own in house 'eBike To Work Scheme'.
The benefit of cycle to work schemes is that you make great savings (up to 47%) on your new electric bike purchase.

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how does it work?

Your employer may have already suggested a scheme they prefer to use.

Click on the below scheme to learn how to process it.

Electric Bikes on Cyclescheme

Electric Bikes on Green Commute Intitiative

Electric Bikes on Vivup Scheme

Electric Bikes on Cycle Solutions Scheme

Electric Bikes on Halfords Cycle 2 Work Scheme

Electric Bikes on eBike To Work Scheme

Electric Bikes on Caboodle Scheme

Electric Bikes on Bike 2 Work Scheme

Can't see your scheme listed? Get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.

Are you an employer looking for a scheme for you and your employees? Learn more about our preferred Cycle 2 Work schemes.

How does it work?

Anyone aged 18 or over who is in UK PAYE employment can save, as long as their employer agrees to participate in the scheme.
You repay the cost of your new eBike by sacrificing a part of your gross salary each month. This means you save the tax and NI on the purchase. It also splits the payments into 'easier to manage' monthly chunks for employees.

How much will I save? Standard rate taxpayers will normally save 32% on the cost of the bike & higher rate taxpayers 42%.
Savings can be up to 47% (for additional rate tax payer). In addition, employers will generally save 13.8% employer's NI too!

Do I have to cycle to work every day? No! You are free to decide whether to use the bike to cycle to work on any given day.

It sounds complicated? The process is taken care of for you, by the cycle to work scheme provider you chose.

Click to calcuate how much you can save

This is an example of the saving on a £3667 bike with accessories, based on a higher rate tax payer. 

Bike Cost £3299
Accessory Cost £299
Helmet (Safety Equipment) £69

Total Cost = £3667
42% Saving = £1540.14

Cost Per Month = £177.24 over 12 months.
Total Overall Cost = £2126.86

Buy an Electric Bike on the eBike to Work Scheme

At e-bikeshop we work with lots of cycle to work schemes. The schemes all follow the government guidelines, however some are quicker than others, whilst some are simply easier to deal with. We process them everyday, so we know which ones stand out..

Electric Bikes on Cyclescheme

The UK's largest scheme. Apply online & process vouchers directly on our site.

Whether you are a employee or an employer, the two quickest and easiest schemes are the Cyclescheme & the eBike To Work Scheme.

Are you an employer new to a scheme?
Get in touch, we can help on-boarding.

Electric Bikes on the eBike To Work Scheme

E-Bikeshop eBike To Work Scheme
Save up to 47% with no maximum limit.
Save on the total balance.

Unlike some other stores we do NOT charge any administration fees for processing schemes.

Please note: The use of a Cycle to Work scheme must be notified at the point of placing an order with us, or prior to full payment where a deposit has been made to secure a bike. We cannot retrospectively apply a voucher or process a cycle scheme payment once full payment has been made. We are unable to accept Cycle to Work scheme vouchers alongside our finance partner(s).

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