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Cycle To Work Schemes

At e-bikeshop we cater for all cycle to work schemes. The two most popular schemes are the 'Cyclescheme' and our own in house 'eBike To Work Scheme'. The benefit of the cycle to work scheme is that you make great savings on your new electric bike purchase.

Electric Bikes on Cyclescheme


Save up to 42% on the first £1000 or over with no limit. Process online.

eBike To Work Scheme

E-Bikeshop eBike To Work Scheme

Save up to 42% with no maximum limit. Save on the total balance.

Click on either scheme above to learn more. Both can be processed online or in-store. If you wish to collect in store, please pre-arrange this so we can get all the relevant details in place ahead of collection. Need help? Feel free to email us