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Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Electric Bike

Scott Electric Bikes

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Electric Cyclocross Bike



Frame Size: S 52cm

E-Bike Key Specs


Mahle 250Wh


Mahle One


Mahle X35


30-80 miles

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E-Bike Highlights


Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Rider Review

Elevate your gravel riding game with the 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 electric gravel bike.

This cutting-edge e-bike combines adventure and efficiency in one sleek package. Crafted with a lightweight aluminium frame and an integrated electric motor, it delivers powerful assistance on off-road paths and challenging terrain.

The precise Shimano drivetrain ensures seamless gear changes, while responsive handling and durable components keep you in control at all times. With versatility and affordability, the Scott Speedster electric gravel bike is your ticket to exploring uncharted routes and scenic landscapes.

Embrace the thrill of gravel riding like never before with Scott's innovation, designed for a new era of adventure in 2024.

Our 5 point review...


Lightweight and sleek Carbon frame


Internally mounted 248Wh battery


Latest Shimano Ultegra/105 11 speed group set - super smooth shifting


Compact, punchy and reliable Mahle eBikemotion X35 40Nm motor


Simple IWOC control system with Bluetooth and ANT+ app integration


Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Carbon Forks
Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX Shifters

Gravel Greatness...

The 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 is exceptionally well-suited for gravel riding adventures. Its robust frame and fork, coupled with wide tire clearance, provide stability and control on varied terrains. The Mahle X35+ rear hub motor seamlessly integrates electric assistance, making it easier to tackle challenging gravel paths.

With reliable Shimano GRX components for precise shifting and hydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping power, the Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 is a versatile and dependable choice, offering a comfortable and exhilarating experience for gravel enthusiasts.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX 2x Crank Set
Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano RX410 Disc Brakes

Outstanding value...

The 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 stands out as the best value electric gravel bike, offering an impressive combination of performance and affordability. With a robust aluminum frame, Mahle X35+ rear hub motor, and reliable Shimano GRX components, it delivers exceptional functionality for its price point.

The bike's versatility, paired with its efficient electric assistance, makes it a standout option, providing riders with a premium gravel biking experience without breaking the bank. The Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 represents unparalleled value in the electric gravel bike market.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX 10-Speed Gears

Brakes & Gears

Shimano GRX hydraulic brakes excel in delivering reliable stopping power for gravel and adventure cycling. The ergonomic design and improved heat dissipation enhance performance on diverse terrains. With consistent modulation and precise control, the GRX hydraulic brakes offer confidence-inspiring braking, crucial for navigating challenging off-road conditions.

The integration of Shimano's renowned hydraulic braking technology ensures durability and low maintenance, making GRX brakes a top choice for cyclists seeking responsive and dependable braking performance on their gravel adventures.

Shimano GRX 11-speed off-road gearing is purpose-built for gravel and adventure cycling, providing a versatile range for diverse terrains. With precise and reliable shifting, the GRX drivetrain ensures smooth transitions between gears, enhancing overall riding experience.

Its design features, like a clutch-equipped rear derailleur, minimize chain slap and drops, improving chain retention on rough surfaces. Whether climbing or descending, Shimano GRX 10-speed gearing delivers the performance and durability needed to tackle off-road challenges with confidence and efficiency.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX RX410 Disc Brakes

Shimano GRX calipers offer reliable and responsive braking performance for off-road adventures. With efficient heat dissipation and consistent modulation, these calipers contribute to confident and controlled stopping power.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX RX400 10-Speed Rear Mech

The Shimano GRX 10-speed derailleur is designed for gravel riding, ensuring precise and reliable shifting. Its clutch mechanism reduces chain slap, providing stability and chain retention on rough terrain.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Shimano GRX RX400 10-Speed Shifters

Shimano GRX shifters are purpose-built for gravel riding, offering ergonomic design and reliable performance. With intuitive and responsive shifting, they enhance control and ensure precise gear changes on varied terrains.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Schwalbe G-One Overland Performance Tyres

Wheels & Tyres

Scott's Syncros Capital 2.0 wheels exemplify quality and innovation. Designed for versatility, these wheels strike a balance between lightweight performance and durability. With a robust alloy construction, they offer strength for various riding conditions.

The modern rim profile enhances aerodynamics, contributing to efficient speed on the road. Syncros Capital 2.0 wheels showcase Scott's commitment to providing riders with a reliable and high-performance wheelset, suitable for a range of cycling pursuits, from endurance rides to spirited sprints.

Schwalbe G-One Overland Performance tires are a top choice for gravel enthusiasts. With their durable yet supple construction, they provide excellent puncture resistance and a smooth, comfortable ride.

The versatile tread pattern ensures reliable grip on diverse surfaces, from gravel to rough terrain. The Performance line combines quality and affordability, making these tires a practical choice for riders seeking high-performance gravel tires that can handle a variety of conditions, enhancing the overall off-road cycling experience.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Syncros Tofino Regular 2.0 Saddle

The bottom line..

The 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 exhibits impeccable component integration, ensuring a seamless fusion of technology and design. The Mahle X35+ rear hub motor harmoniously blends into the rear wheel, providing efficient electric assistance.

Shimano GRX components deliver precise shifting, while the Syncros Capital 2.0 wheels and Schwalbe G-One Overland Performance tires enhance overall performance and grip . This meticulous integration showcases Scott's commitment to crafting an electric gravel bike that excels in both functionality and aesthetics, offering riders a superior and cohesive cycling experience.

The build quality and paint finish on the 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRIDE 50 exemplify excellence. Crafted with precision, the robust aluminum frame ensures durability and stability on varied terrains.

The meticulous attention to detail in the paint finish not only enhances the bike's aesthetics but also provides a protective layer, showcasing Scott's commitment to quality. This combination of stellar build quality and a refined paint finish reflects the bike's durability and visual appeal, making it a standout choice in the electric gravel bike category.


Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Mahle X35 Motor System

Mahle X35+ eSystem

The 2024 Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 boasts a highly reliable Mahle X35 motor, seamlessly integrated into the rear wheel for a sleek and efficient design.

Paired with a 248Wh battery, this system offers robust electric assistance for extended rides.

The Mahle One Button control system simplifies operation, allowing riders to effortlessly toggle between power modes. This integration showcases Scott's commitment to providing a user-friendly and dependable electric gravel bike.

The Mahle X35 motor, 248Wh battery, and One Button control system collectively contribute to the bike's exceptional performance, making it a standout choice for gravel enthusiasts seeking reliability and innovation.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Mahle X35 Control Button

The Mahle IWOC One control button simplifies the operation of electric bikes. With intuitive design, it allows users to easily adjust power modes and settings for a seamless riding experience.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Mahle X35 Motor System

The Mahle X35+ hub-integrated motor is a compact and powerful electric propulsion system for bikes. Its seamless integration into the rear hub provides efficient assistance, enhancing overall riding performance.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 Mahle X35 Range Extender

The Mahle X35 Range Extender is a practical accessory enhancing the electric bike's range. With its additional power capacity, riders can confidently tackle longer journeys, extending their cycling adventures.

Scott Speedster Gravel eRide 50 2024 E-Bikeshop What's Included

What's included

Your new electric bike gets a full set-up by our workshop technicians ahead of delivery.

Your eBike will arrive with a user manual, keys (where applicable), charger & free follow up service (at our service center) within 3 months of delivery.

This electric bikes includes a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics and 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims via our dedicated support in-house.

E-Bikeshop is a UK Electric Bike Service Center and our in-house workshop is exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We have time to support the eBikes we sell.

Why choose E-Bikeshop?


General Bike Specifications

Frame Speedster Gravel eRIDE Disc

Forks Carbon Gravel eRIDE HMX Flatmount Disc

Brakes Shimano BR-RX410 Hydraulic Disc

Shifters Shimano GRX ST-RX400 20 Speed

Rear Mech Shimano GRX RD-RX400, 20 Speed

Cassette Shimano CS-HG500, 10 Speed 11-34 T

Chain KMC X10

Wheelset Syncros Capital 2.0 25e Disc 24 Front 12x100mmTA /32 Rear 12x142mmTA

Tyres Schwalbe G-One Overland PERF, 700x45C

Handlebars Syncros Creston 2.0 X, Alloy 31.8mm

Stem Syncros RR2.5 1 1/4”

Headset Acros AIF-1133

Seatpost Syncros RR2.5 31.6/350mm

Saddle Syncros Tofino Regular 2.0

Weight 14.80kg

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Mahle 36V-250Wh Lithium Battery

Display Mahle One Bluetooth / Dedicated Smartphone app

Motor Mahle X35 Motor Hub drive 40Nm max Torque

Range Up to 80 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain



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Very pleased with my bike, whole process of choosing and buying my bike was fantastic. The people there at e bike I can’t thank them enough very efficient, if anything too efficient paid for the bike Sunday evening and it was at my doorstep Tuesday afternoon, thanks everybody at E-Bike.

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