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Upgrading to Bosch eBike Nyon

Can the Bosch Nyon be retro fitted to my existing eBike?

By Martin Brown |

So with the new Bosch Nyon system now on our shelves for 2015, a lot of customers are asking if the new Bosch Nyon system can be retro fitted to their existing electric bike? E-bikeshop explains.. We have been testing the new Bosch Nyon satellite navigation advanced display for some time at e-bikeshop.co.uk. Its certainly a revelation in the eBike world, with features like smart phone integration, fitness tracker & sat nav mapping. We have the full article of Nyon features here. Many have been asking if this system can be retro fitted to their existing Bosch eBike? Well today we reveal all, as we manage to reverse fit the custom head unit onto a Haibike that comes as standard with the Bosch Performance Intuvia controls. So it can be done with some Bosch experience!

Bosch Nyon eBike System

Does Nyon work on all Bosch eBikes?

Bosch eBike 350w 250w Motor DifferenceYes: Nyon will now work with both Active and Performance Line eBikes from 2014 onwards. You can tell what Bosch motor you have by checking the model year first. Most 2014 bikes come fitted with the later Bosch 250w motor. Nyon is not currently compatible with S Pedelec 350w Motor versions.

How did we upgrade to Nyon?

Firstly we need a 'donor' Bosch electric bike, to perform the upgrade on, we chose the Haibike NDURO PRO 2014 model that comes equipped with the Bosch Intuvia display as standard.

Haibike NDURO with Bosch Intuvia Display Then, the easy bit, we fit a new Nyon head unit display and control buttons by taking off the old controls and installing the new control buttons with the little navigation thumb control on board and Nyon LCD display.

Haibike 2014 with Bosch Nyon Fitted Once fitted when you turn the Nyon head unit on; the Bosch system will immediately flash up with an error code. Error 414: 'This eBike is not equipped for the use of Nyon". You cannot operate any of the functions when the system is in this state.

Bosch Nyon Error Code 414 Now the difficult bit, we connect to our in house Bosch diagnostics computer and fool the diagnostics into thinking the electric bike comes as standard with Nyon. We can't go into too much detail here but it involves many software remaps to ascertain the correct functionality & container file.

Using Bosch eBike Diagnostics to Update The photo above shows the programming in progress once we have the correct software map in place. Once done we can unplug the system, re start it & Voila! We have a working Nyon system on our 2014 Haibike. We have tested this and all functions can be used as new.

Bosch Nyon LCD Fitted on 2014 Haibike We can also save the old container file in case you ever want to go back to the original Intuvia display. We can flash the original software back onto the eBike without any problem.

When is Nyon available to upgrade?

At present Bosch are not supplying the parts separately for users to upgrade their Intuvia displays. The Nyon head unit and control buttons are only available on a warranty 'like for like' replacement to support Nyon users at present if they damage their original controls. We are told by Bosch that this should be possible to purchase separately later in the year. http://youtu.be/jk9pnOmjLqg We will be allowing our EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY the option for us to upgrade their current Bosch Performance system Intuvia Display to the Nyon LCD & Controls within our Bosch workshops, by our Technicians. As usual we are not offering this service to anyone who has not purchased their bike from us. For more information why we only serve our customers, please read in the F.A.Q page here. UPDATE: Nyon can now be upgraded for our existing customers. You can upgrade the kit yourself by ordering the complete Nyon display system here. It is also possible to upgrade when ordering new bikes for a reduced cost by selecting this as an option on the bike pages.
Martin Brown at E-Bikeshop.co.uk
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