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Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Electric Bike White

Cube Electric Bikes

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024

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Frame Size: One Size

E-Bike Key Specs


Bosch 750Wh


Bosch Kiox 300


Bosch CX Gen 4


30-160 miles

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E-Bike Highlights


Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Electric Bike Rider Review

Designed in collaboration with BMW, the 2024 Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750, is a versatile and family-friendly ride designed for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Equipped with a sturdy frame and dependable components, this trike embodies reliability and stability for all family members. Its powerful motor and advanced features ensure effortless rides, while the spacious cargo area and adjustable seating accommodate diverse needs.

The Trike Family Hybrid 750 guarantees a smooth and enjoyable journey, whether cruising city streets or exploring scenic paths. With its ergonomic design, safety features, and adaptable nature, this trike redefines family cycling, promising endless fun and memorable adventures for all ages in unmatched comfort and style.

Our 5 point review...


Unique tilt mechanism allows natural cornering and stable riding


Tough rear tub design to protect children and cargo


Longest Range 750Wh electric bike battery


Bosch's most powerful Generation 4 Performance CX 85Nm motor


Full rider control from the new Bosch "Smart System"


Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch Gen 4 Performance CX Motor
Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch PowerTube 750Wh Battery

Bosch driven, daily...

The Cube Trike offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly transitioning from a reliable school run companion for children to a practical shopping ally or transporter for recyclables.

Its spacious cargo area and adaptable design effortlessly cater to diverse needs, ensuring convenience and ease for daily tasks.

Whether ferrying children, groceries, dogs or household items, this trike's adaptable nature redefines urban mobility, making it an ideal choice for multifunctional use in everyday life.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Telescopic Seat Post
Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch Kiox 300 Display on Adjustable Handlebars

Any rider. Any time...

Cube's "One Size Concept" in the 2024 Cube Trike Family Hybrid ensures universal rider compatibility, accommodating individuals from 5'2" to over 6ft. This adaptable design embraces ergonomic adjustments, enabling a comfortable and customized fit for diverse riders.

Its versatile nature eliminates height constraints, offering a personalized and enjoyable riding experience for a wide range of individuals, ensuring that everyone, regardless of stature, can effortlessly and comfortably enjoy the Trike's capabilities.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Tektro HD-E745 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Brakes & Gears

The innovative Tektro Auriga Twin+ brakes on the 2024 Cube Trike Family Hybrid feature an integrated handbrake system, offering precise and responsive braking control. This design ensures exceptional stopping power while adding the convenience of a handbrake to stop the bike from moving while loading and unloading.

With reliable modulation and a user-friendly interface, these brakes guarantee safe and controlled stops, catering to various riding situations. The integration of a handbrake enhances the trike's usability, providing added confidence and convenience for riders of all ages.

The Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 boasts a distinctive rear-drive setup featuring a constant velocity joint and differential, delivering seamless power distribution for enhanced stability and control.

Paired with the Enviolo CVT transmission, this trike offers an infinite range of gear ratios, eliminating user maintenance while ensuring effortless riding. This innovative combination ensures a smooth and efficient ride, providing unparalleled ease and adaptability without the need for constant user interventions or maintenance.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Tektro HD-E745 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Tektro Auriga Twin+ rear brakes provide precise and responsive stopping power, ensuring controlled and reliable braking performance for the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Enviolo CVT Transmission

The Enviolo CVT transmission on the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 offers an infinite range of gear ratios, delivering seamless and maintenance-free gear shifting for a hassle-free riding experience.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Enviolo Shifter

The Enviolo twist grip gear change on the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 offers effortless and intuitive shifting, providing a user-friendly experience for seamless gear changes during rides.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Suntour Suspension Forks

Wheels & Tyres

Cube introduces their EX40 40mm wide cargo-specific wheels on the 2024 Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750, featuring a unique setup with a 24" front wheel and two 20" rear wheels.

This configuration ensures stability and optimal weight distribution for cargo hauling. Crafted with meticulous detail, these wheels enhance the trike's performance, providing durability and control for varied loads. Cube's dedication to purpose-built design shines through, promising a reliable and balanced ride tailored specifically for cargo transport.

Schwalbe's Pick-Up Super Defense tires, tailored for urban cargo bikes like the 2024 Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750, offer robust durability and enhanced puncture protection.

Designed for heavy loads and urban terrains, these tires feature a reinforced structure for reliable stability and extended lifespan, ensuring dependable performance while carrying substantial cargo. Their resilient build and specialised design cater specifically to the demands of urban cargo biking, providing optimal traction, durability, and peace of mind during city rides.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Rear Carrier

The bottom line..

The 2024 Cube Trike Hybrid features a lightweight yet sturdy rear tub designed to safeguard precious cargo - like children! This robust structure ensures exceptional protection and security. Further enhancing its family-friendly design, the trike boasts a gas strut-operated roof and rain cover, providing shelter from the elements. These features not only prioritize safety but also offer comfort, ensuring a secure and sheltered ride for young passengers, making family outings enjoyable regardless of weather conditions.

Built to mimic the handling characteristics of a normal hybrid style bike, the unique tilting mechanism keeps the rear carrier separate from the bike at the front to provide a completely natural cornering feel for the riding, while keeping both rear wheels on the ground and the carrier section level. Cube also offer an optional front rack to increase the luggage capacity.


Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch Gen 4 Performance CX Motor

Bosch CX & Kiox 300 eBike System

The 2024 Cube Trike Hybrid 750 embodies advanced performance with the Bosch Performance CX Generation 4 motor, delivering an impressive 85Nm torque for effortless climbs and swift acceleration.

Paired with a removable 750Wh PowerTube battery, it guarantees extended rides with convenient recharging on or off the bike. The Kiox 300 display offers comprehensive ride data, while the LED Remote ensures intuitive control over settings.

This integration of Bosch's cutting-edge technologies empowers riders with precise performance insights and effortless customization, elevating the trike's functionality.

The cohesive arrangement of motor, battery, display, and remote just exudes efficiency, making the Cube Trike Hybrid an ideal choice for versatile family outings, ensuring a superior and enjoyable riding experience for all.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch Kiox 300 Display

The Bosch Kiox 300 display provides comprehensive ride data, offering clear and intuitive control over essential settings for an informed and personalized riding experience.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch eBike LED Remote

The Bosch LED Remote offers convenient and intuitive control over the Cube Trike Hybrid's settings, allowing riders easy access to adjust features during their journey.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 Bosch PowerTube 750Wh battery

The Cube Trike Hybrid's removable 750Wh PowerTube battery ensures extended rides and convenient recharging, providing versatility and ease for uninterrupted family cycling adventures.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 2024 What's Included

What's included

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General Bike Specifications

Frame Cube Aluminium Superlite Frame

Forks SR Suntour MOBIE 34 CARGO 24", 100mm

Brakes Tektro Auriga Twin+ HD-E745 with parking lock

Shifters Enviolo Cargo manual

Rear Mech Enviolo Cargo Constantly Variable Transmission

Cassette KMC 3mm, 18T

Chain KMC e101 EPT

Wheelset Cube EX40 Tubeless Ready rims laced on Cube Cargo hubs

Tyres Schwalbe Pick-Up, Super Defense, 65-507 (Front) / 65-406 (Rear)

Handlebars CUBE Comfort Trail Bar, 700mm

Stem CUBE Comfort Stem Pro, 31.8mm, Adjustable

Headset ACROS FI-Link

Seatpost Satori Sorata 34,9mm, 280mm -440mm telescoping seatpost

Saddle Natural Fit Sequence Comfort

Weight 75 kg

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Bosch PowerTube 750Wh, with BMS Management

Display Bosch Kiox 300 & LED Remote

Motor Bosch Drive Unit Cargo Line Generation 4 (85nm) Cruise (250 Watt), Smart System

Range 30-160 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain



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