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Haibike AllTrail 5 2024

Haibike Electric Bikes

Haibike AllTrail 5 2024

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Frame Size: S 41cm

E-Bike Key Specs


Yamaha 720Wh


Display A


Yamaha PW S2


30-160 miles

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Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Rider Review

Introducing the 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5, your gateway to adventure on two wheels. This versatile and high-performance mountain bike is designed to conquer a wide range of terrains with ease.

At the heart of the AllTrail 5 is a robust aluminium frame that strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility. Equipped with a SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain, it ensures precise and smooth shifting, whether you're climbing steep trails or blazing down descents.

With its modern design and outstanding performance, the 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5 is the perfect companion for riders looking to explore new horizons and push their limits on the trails. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your mountain biking journey, this bike has what it takes to elevate your riding experience. Get ready to conquer the outdoors with confidence on the 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5.

Our 5 point review...


Lightweight alloy hybrid frame


Long range 720Wh electric bike battery


11 speed SRAM 11-42t gearing


Yamaha's most powerful PW-S2 motor with 75Nm torque output


Large, easy to read Yamaha Side Switch display


Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha PW-S2 Motor
Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha 720Wh Battery

The Haibike AllTrail 5 features the robust Yamaha PW-S2 motor, delivering impressive power and efficiency to enhance the riding experience. This motor offers exceptional torque and acceleration, making it ideal for conquering various terrains.

Whether tackling steep climbs or navigating challenging trails, the Yamaha PW-X3 ensures reliable assistance. Paired with the AllTrail 5's versatile design and high-quality components, it creates a winning combination for riders seeking top-tier performance and exploration capabilities on their e-mountain bike adventures.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Rockshox Rear Suspension
Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Rockshox Front Suspension

Comfortable practicality..

The 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5 boasts a RockShox suspension system that elevates your riding experience. Its 140mm RockShox suspension fork expertly soaks up bumps and rough terrain, delivering exceptional comfort and control. Whether navigating technical descents or tackling challenging climbs, this suspension system ensures a smooth and responsive ride.

It enhances the bike's versatility, making it perfect for cross-country and trail riding. With the AllTrail 5's robust design and quality components, the RockShox suspension adds an extra layer of confidence and enjoyment to your off-road adventures.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 SRAM NX Gears

Brakes & Gears

The 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5 is equipped with precise and reliable SRAM NX-series gears that enhance its performance on the trails. The 11-speed SRAM drivetrain offers a wide gear range, making it suitable for conquering a variety of terrains. Whether you're climbing steep inclines or enjoying fast descents, these gears ensure smooth and consistent shifting.

The SRAM NX components add a level of efficiency and control to the AllTrail 5, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking a versatile and capable mountain bike.

The Haibike AllTrail 5 features TRP Slate brakes, a reliable and responsive braking system that enhances rider confidence on challenging terrains. With their four-piston calipers and ergonomic lever design, these brakes deliver powerful stopping performance and precise modulation.

Whether you're descending steep trails or navigating technical sections, the TRP Slate brakes ensure consistent and dependable braking. Their durability and effectiveness make them a valuable addition to the 2024 AllTrail 5, providing riders with the control and safety needed for off-road adventures.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Slate TRP Brakes

TRP brakes offer excellent stopping power with their well-designed calipers and ergonomic levers, providing reliable and precise braking performance for enhanced control and safety on the trails.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 SRAM NX Rear Derailleur

The SRAM NX derailleur is a reliable and budget-friendly option for 11-speed drivetrains. It ensures smooth and accurate shifting performance, making it suitable for various riding conditions.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 SRAM NX Shifters

SRAM NX shifters are designed for 11-speed drivetrains, providing precise and smooth gear changes. They offer efficient and reliable shifting performance, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Nobby Nic Tyres

Wheels & Tyres

Rodi Tryp 30 wheels are a versatile and durable choice for cyclists. With a 30mm inner rim width, they accommodate a range of tire sizes, enhancing traction and comfort on various terrains.

These wheels feature sturdy alloy construction and dependable hubs, ensuring longevity and reliability during rides. Their tubeless compatibility minimizes the risk of flats and improves grip. Whether you're into road cycling or hitting the trails, the Rodi Tryp 30 wheels provide a great balance of performance and durability.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires are a popular choice among mountain bikers. Known for their versatility, they excel in a variety of trail conditions. The tread pattern provides excellent grip and control, making them suitable for both wet and dry terrain.

Nobby Nic tires are also tubeless-ready, reducing the risk of flats and improving traction. Whether you're tackling technical descents or grinding up steep climbs, these tires offer a great balance of rolling efficiency and traction, enhancing your off-road riding experience.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Dropper Seat Post

The bottom line..

The Haibike AllTrail 5 delivers outstanding performance on the trails. Its robust aluminum frame and SRAM 11-speed drivetrain ensure responsive handling and precise shifting, whether climbing steep slopes or descending thrilling trails. The 120mm RockShox suspension fork and rear shock provides excellent comfort and control, soaking up bumps and rough terrain with ease.

With 27.5-inch wheels offering stability and traction, the AllTrail 5 is perfect for cross-country and trail riding. Its powerful TRP Slate hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, ensuring confidence and safety on challenging descents. This bike is a trailblazing choice for riders seeking top-tier performance and thrilling adventures.

The 2024 Haibike AllTrail 5 boasts impressive quality of finish, reflecting Haibike's commitment to craftsmanship. Its meticulously designed aluminum frame features both strength and aesthetics. Components are seamlessly integrated for a sleek look. Attention to detail is evident in every weld and joint.

The AllTrail 5 exudes quality with a refined finish that enhances aesthetics and ensures long-lasting durability. This bike is a testament to Haibike's dedication to producing top-notch, visually appealing, and high-quality mountain bikes, setting a high standard for finish quality in the industry.


Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha PW-S2 Motor

Yamaha PW-S2 & Side Switch eBike System

The new Haibike AllTrail 5 2024 eBike features the latest Yamaha PW-S2 drive system. This brand new motor offers 85Nm of torque and peaks at over 500w. With 4 assistance modes, it can now provide up to 360% assistance in its highest power mode.

Part of the new PW-S2 system for 2024, the Alltrail also gets a new 720Wh battery. Completely integrated into the frame, Haibike have neatly incorporated it into the downtube of the frame but with a key lock detachment, allowing it to be charged both on and off the bike.

The new Yamaha Side Switch display is compact and mounted on the left handlebar. Intuitive and east to use, the LCD display screen is easy to read and navigate on the fly.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha Side Switch Display

The Yamaha Side Switch display is a user-friendly interface for e-bikes, allowing riders to access and adjust essential functions like power assist levels and information displays conveniently from the handlebars.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha PW-S2 Motor

The Yamaha PW-X3 power unit is a potent and efficient electric bike motor, delivering impressive torque and performance to enhance the overall e-bike riding experience.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 Yamaha 720Wh Battery

The Yamaha 720Wh battery delivers outstanding performance, providing an extended range and long-lasting power for e-bikes, making it ideal for extended journeys and challenging terrain.

Haibike Alltrail 5 2024 What's Included

What's included

Your new electric bike gets a full set-up by our workshop technicians ahead of delivery.

Your eBike will arrive with a user manual, keys (where applicable), charger & free follow up service (at our service center) within 3 months of delivery.

This electric bikes includes a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics and 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims via our dedicated support in-house.

E-Bikeshop is a UK Electric Bike Service Center and our in-house workshop is exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We have time to support the eBikes we sell.

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General Bike Specifications

Frame Aluminium, through axle M12 (1.00) x 148mm, disc brake Post Mount

Forks RockShox 35 Silver, steel spring, alum shaft 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" tapered, thru-axle Boost, Travel: 140mm

Rear Shock RockShox Deluxe Select Plus, air, Travel: 140mm

Brakes TRP Slate T4, aluminium, 203mm

Shifters Sram NX, trigger switch

Rear Mech Sram NX, 11-speed

Cassette Sram PG1130, 11-42 teeth

Chain Sram NX

Wheelset Rodi Tryp 30, eyed, double-walled rim, aluminium

Tyres Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance, 62-622 (Front) / Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance, 65-584 (Rear)

Handlebars Haibike Components TheBar ++ 780mm

Stem Aluminum, A-head

Headset Acros BlockLock

Seatpost Dropper-post remote, 34.9mm, aluminium

Saddle Selle Royal Vivo

Weight TBC

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Yamaha InTube 720Wh

Display Yamaha Side Switch

Motor Yamaha PW-S2, 250W, 75Nm, 25km/h

Range 30 - 160 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain



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Just taken delivery of my first e-bike, I must say that I’m absolutely delighted with the bike,what’s more my good lady is very impressed and that’s a big positive from someone who does not always see the beauty in bikes the same way as myself! May I give a big thanks to the lads at e-bikeshop especially Alfred for his help.

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