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Orbea Gain D30 2024 Blue Electric Road Bike

Orbea Electric Bikes

Orbea Gain D30 2024 105 Electric Road Bike

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E-Bike Key Specs


Mahle 250Wh


iWoc One


Mahle X35


30-80 miles

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Orbea Gain D30 2024 Electric Road Bike Rider Review

Unleash the future of cycling with the 2024 Orbea Gain D30 Electric Road Bike! This cutting-edge marvel combines the elegance of a traditional road bike with the power of electric assistance, offering a seamless riding experience. Equipped with the efficient and whisper-quiet Mahle X35+ motor, it's like having your personal tailwind on-demand.

The Gain D30 boasts a lightweight aluminium frame, ensuring agility and comfort. Brand new Shimano 105 12 speed components provide smooth gear shifting, while hydraulic disc brakes offer impeccable control. You can choose from multiple assistance levels to customize your ride. It's the ideal choice for conquering challenging terrains or extending your adventures. Embrace innovation and redefine your cycling journey with the 2024 Orbea Gain D30!

Our 5 point review...


Lightweight and rugged alloy frame


Internally mounted 248Wh battery


Brand new 12 speed Shimano 105 group set


Compact, punchy and reliable Mahle eBikemotion X35 Plus motor


Mahle Pulsar One display with Bluetooth and ANT+ app integration


Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano 105 Crankset
Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano 105 12-Speed Shifters

Engineered Efficiency..

The Mahle X35+ motor is celebrated for its exceptional efficiency, setting a new standard in the world of e-bike propulsion systems. Its intelligent power delivery system optimizes energy consumption, allowing riders to cover greater distances on a single charge.

The motor's sensor array accurately adjusts assistance levels in real-time, ensuring a seamless and natural riding experience. This efficiency not only extends the e-bike's range but also reduces overall energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice while providing riders with an exhilarating and efficient cycling experience.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Carbon Forks
Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano R7170 Disc Brakes

Fully integrated...

The 2023 Orbea Gain D30 is a testament to seamless integration. Its sleek frame effortlessly incorporates the MAHLE X35+ motor and battery, creating a harmonious and inconspicuous design. Neatly incorporate lights come as standard.

The fully integrated cables maintain clean lines and an aerodynamic profile. A minimalist handlebar-mounted controller provides intuitive control, enhancing rider experience. This high level of integration not only delivers a sleek and refined appearance but also ensures a more natural and balanced ride, highlighting Orbea's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano 105 Gears

Brakes & Gears

The new 12-speed Shimano 105 Groupset represents a significant leap in performance and versatility. Designed with the latest technology, it offers precise and smooth shifting across a wide gear range. Improved ergonomics in the shifters enhance rider comfort and control.

The groupset incorporates features from Shimano's higher-tier offerings, like Shadow RD+ rear derailleur technology for reduced chain slap and quieter riding. With its combination of durability, affordability, and enhanced functionality, the 12-speed Shimano 105 Groupset is a game-changer for riders seeking high-quality components without breaking the bank.

Shimano 105 hydraulic road bike brakes are a stellar choice for cyclists demanding reliable and responsive braking performance. Designed with the same technology as Shimano's top-tier models, these hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and modulation, enhancing control and safety.

They're easy to maintain, thanks to the one-way bleeding system. These brakes offer consistent and dependable performance in various weather conditions, making them an attractive option for both professional and recreational riders looking to elevate their road cycling experience.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano R7170 Disc Brakes

Shimano 105 hydraulic brakes offer consistent and powerful stopping performance for road and gravel bikes, enhancing rider safety and control. They're a popular choice for their reliability and precision.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano 105 R7100 12-Speed Rear Mech

The Shimano 12-speed 105 Groupset combines affordability and performance with smooth and precise shifting, enhancing the cycling experience for those looking for reliable and efficient components.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Shimano 105 R7120 12-Speed Levers

Shimano 105 combined braking and shifting levers integrate ergonomic design and smooth control, providing responsive gear changes and powerful braking in one convenient and reliable component.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Pirelli P7 Sport Tyres

Wheels & Tyres

The Ready GR Blackjack road bike wheels are a high-performance and versatile option for cyclists. Their lightweight yet durable alloy construction enhances acceleration and climbing prowess while maintaining strength for rough terrain. The 25mm internal rim width supports wider tires for a smoother ride and improved grip.

These wheels feature a sleek, matte-black finish, adding a touch of style to any bike. The Ready GR Blackjack wheels are an excellent choice for riders seeking a balance between speed, durability, and aesthetics on their road adventures.

The Pirelli P7 road bike tires are a testament to advanced tire technology. With a focus on performance and grip, they offer outstanding traction, especially in wet conditions, thanks to the wet-grip compound.

Their puncture-resistant design and durable casing ensure a long lifespan, making them a reliable choice for long rides. The tires feature a sleek tread pattern and come in a variety of sizes, allowing riders to find the perfect fit for their road bike, enhancing both safety and handling.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Fizik Aliante R5 Saddle

The bottom line..

The 2024 Orbea Gain 30 exemplifies meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Every aspect of this electric road bike reflects precision and quality. Its hydroformed aluminum frame is not only lightweight but also aesthetically pleasing, with seamless integration of the MAHLE X35+ motor and battery. The cable routing is clean and concealed, enhancing the bike's sleek appearance.

Components like the Shimano 105 groupset and ergonomic handlebars are thoughtfully selected to maximize performance and rider comfort. Orbea's dedication to detail and craftsmanship shines through in every facet of the 2024 Gain 30, delivering a top-tier riding experience.

The Mahle X35 electric road bike drive system is known for its exceptional reliability and impressive power. Its motor delivers smooth and consistent assistance, making it suitable for a wide range of riding conditions.

The integration of the battery and motor into the frame provides a clean and balanced look while maintaining reliability. This drive system offers ample power for climbing and accelerating, ensuring a satisfying and efficient riding experience for cyclists seeking dependable electric assistance on the road.


Orbea Gain D30 2024 Mahle X35 Motor

eBikemotion X35 eSystem

Riding the bike aside, one of the best parts of the new 2024 Gain D30 electric road bikes is the completely 'hidden' eDrive system.

Designed to not take away from the ride but to assist your performance, the extra 40Nm from the rear hub motor allows the rider to climb bigger ascents and average a faster overall speed.

3 Modes of Assistance - Controllable by the multi-function power button on the top tube.

Full rider credentials are displayed in the Smart Phone (not essential) application including speed, distance travelled, altitude, battery capacity, trip time and many more.

The smart phone app also has the functionality to pair Bluetooth heart rate monitors or simply connect your Android Wearable or iWatch to run alongside for the full sporting package.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Mahle X35 iWOC Button

IWOC One button is a single-button interface, simplifying control of e-bike systems. It provides an intuitive and streamlined experience for adjusting power levels, lights, and other functions, enhancing user convenience.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Mahle X35 Motor

The Mahle X35 motor is a compact and efficient e-bike drive system, known for its quiet operation and seamless integration. It offers reliable pedal assistance, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 Mahle X35 Rage Extender

The Mahle X35 range extender is an optional addition to e-bike systems, providing extra battery capacity for longer rides. It extends the range and versatility of electric bicycles.

Orbea Gain D30 2024 What's Included?

What's included

Your new electric bike gets a full set-up by our workshop technicians ahead of delivery.

Your eBike will arrive with a user manual, keys (where applicable), charger & free follow up service (at our service center) within 3 months of delivery.

This electric bikes includes a 5yr warranty on the frame, 2yr warranty on all the electrics and 1yr warranty on the components. In the event of a problem, we handle all warranty claims via our dedicated support in-house.

E-Bikeshop is a UK Electric Bike Service Center and our in-house workshop is exclusively reserved for our own eBike customers. We have time to support the eBikes we sell.

Why choose E-Bikeshop?


General Bike Specifications

Frame Orbea Gain Hydro 6061 Hydroformed Aluminium 2024

Forks Gain Hydro carbon fork

Brakes Shimano R7170 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Shifters Shimano R7120 12-Speed

Rear Mech Shimano 105 R7100 12-Speed

Cassette Shimano 105 R7100 11-34t 12-Speed

Chain Shimano M6100 12-Speed

Wheelset Alloy, Tubeless, 700c, 21c, 32H

Tyres Pirelli P7 Sport 700x32c

Handlebars OC Road Performance RP31, Reach 80, Drop 125

Stem OC Road Performance RP21, -6º

Headset Acros Alloy 1-1/2" Internal Cable Routing

Seatpost Alloy, 27.2mm, Setback 0, for integrated light

Saddle Fizik Aliante R5

Weight 13 kg

Electric Bike Specifications

Battery Ebikemotion 36V 6.9A 250Wh

Display Mahle Pulsar One monochrome ANT+ LEV

Motor Ebikemotion X35 Plus

Range 30-80 miles of power assisted range, depending on terrain



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I purchased an E bike (orbea gain) about year ago. The service and sales process was excellent, their knowledge and expertise guided me to the decision on the bike that I bought and I have had many happy miles riding it. I would thoroughly recommend them. 10/10!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love everything about it

Just back from my first proper ride - 18 miles. The new 12 speed 105 is so smooth. The bike is still pretty light despite the battery and most people didn't believe me that it was an electric - they just thought I was a powerhouse up those hills - Ha! I only used the assist for hills and towards the end of the ride and came back with 94% battery. I had tested the bike out earlier in the week and found changing power from the button on the top bar a bit scary so set up the little computer which came with it, mounted it in the light fixing on my handlebars and changed power levels from there (you can also easily check with power level you are in). I found I could also change power levels from my Garmin 530 Edge but the included computer works really well. You can keep it in neutral rather than turn it off which was a handy tip I found in a YouTube Video. Lake District cyclist on YouTube has some great tips for this bike and helped me in my decision to buy and how to use the functions. E-Bikeshop have been great both before and after the purchase. I had looked at a Small as I am 5'3 but booked a video consultation and Ben told me I would need an Extra Small - turns out that the XS is perfect. I have nothing bad to say and spent weeks, possibly months looking at e-gravel and e-road bikes and am very glad I chose this model. Maybe next time I will go with the Di2 as my hand is a bit weak when changing front gogs but actually I stayed in the large front cog for the whole ride today, even the hills. The supplied tyres were fine on light gravel today too. That is a long way of saying it's a great bike and I am very happy.