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2023 Orbea Rise M and H Models Lightest EMTB

2023 Orbea Rise M and H models.

By Ben Mowbray |

It doesn't seem that long ago we were first launching this incredible machine to our customers around the world.

Now, as the 3rd generation Rise models begin landing in stores, it's time to take another look at the 2023 Orbea Rise models and remind ourselves why this is one of the best electric mountain bikes ever created, along with what's changed since they first began turning wheels in early 2021. 

2023 Orbea Rise Model Range.

The Orbea Rise started off as just 4 models when it was first launched. The M20 offered an "entry level" option but with a very respectable specification. The M10 offered the best all round value for most riders, with the M-Team and M-Ltd offering the very top end specification of brakes, gears, suspension and other carbon goodies for those who need the ultimate performance package. 

2023 Orbea Rise Lightweight eMTB models

For the 2023 Orbea Rise this remains, but during the last model year, Orbea introduced the "H" or "Hydro" range. These follow the same design and geometry principles, but in just three models. The H30 was the entry level offering, with a much loved return of Marzzochi forks, the H15 was the middling option with the H10 their top end model with all of the bells and whistles the most competitive trail rider could want. For 2023, the Orbea Rise H15 has been replaced by the Orbea Rise H20. This sits in the same place in the model hierarchy, but brings the naming convention in line with their other models. H15 models will remain available, while stocks last. 

2023 Orbea Rise design principles.

Orbea have a very rich history in cycling which is sadly missed or passed over by many riders outside of Spain and the rest of Europe. If this is your very first sighting of one of these beautiful machines, take a read of Orbea Bikes, a History Lesson to catch up on 183 years of Orbea and pop back here when you're done. 

The way in which the Rise models were designed is something we covered in depth in the very first article about them back in 2021, timed with their launch. We wont go into the same level of detail here, but if you want to bring yourself up to date, you can read Orbea Rise - Beyond. 

2023 Orbea Rise Shimano EP8 Motor

RS Power

Weighing as little as just 2.5kg and offering 60Nm of support from their uniquely tuned Shimano EP8 and EP6 motors, the 2023 Orbea Rise drive system is designed to effortlessly but directly mimic rider input, offering its peak performance when you too, are trying to push out the best effort you can. 

RS Range

When it first launched, the Orbea Rise model range came with just a 360Wh battery option. Now with the launch of the Rise H offering a 540Wh battery as standard, optional bolt on range extenders for an extra 252Wh and the new 2023 Orbea Rise M models having the option for a 540Wh battery as standard, there has never been more flexibility in range from this super lightweight machine. 

RS Weight

On the subject of weight - the 2023 Orbea Rise models are some of the lightest eMTB models in the world. Their new 2023 Rise M-Ltd tips the scales at as little as 15.9kg for the new model year, which is a truly bonkers weight for a "ready to ride" electric bike with all of its running gear fitted. 

RS Interface

The rider aids on the 2023 Orbea Rise models have been stripped back to the bare necessities. On the Carbon models, just the EN100 switch with a series of LED lights to offer battery and selected power level information. On the Alloy models, the Shimano E7000 screen is provided, giving more information on speed, distance, and other parameters. All have integrated Bluetooth and ANT+ for use with Garmin devices and their own smartphone app but they're also all cross compatible. We offer the E7000 screen upgrade on the M models at just £149.99.

New components on the 2023 Orbea Rise models

With each new model year, the model has evolved either due to better components becoming available, some not being available, or tweaks to alter the performance of the bike in line with customer feedback, needs and expected price point. The majority of specification remains the same, but there are some changes which we'll list out later. 

2023 Orbea Rise Carbon Handlebars

Buy a 2022 model "on sale", or wait for a 2023 Orbea Rise? 

Both model years represent incredible value for money when compared against a very slim number of competitors. While the market is changing its mindset on lower power, ultra lightweight models, there still remains a pretty slim choice for these high performance eMTB models and when stacked up against the likes of the Specialised Levo SL and others, the Orbea Rise of any model year offers more power, range and better components for significantly less money. Not bad, for a company still hand painting and building its bikes... 

While the changes for 2023 are great, for most riders, the previous generation model will still do absolutely everything that riders need and so unless you absolutely need the components from the 2023 Orbea Rise spec list, while you can grab yourself a bargain, we would highly recommend it. 

The biggest change for most is the addition of the 540Wh battery for the Orbea Rise M (carbon) range. 

2023 Orbea Rise Charge Port

Range anxiety still appears to prevail, despite us having got just a shade under 40 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbing from the 360Wh version in testing. 

To break it down, the 2023 Orbea Rise M-Ltd with a 540Wh battery is £10,134 at RRP. The 2022 version with a 360Wh battery was £9,599 RRP and at the time of writing, currently £7,999 in our Spring Sale. Add in the range extender at £449 and you have 612Wh at £8,448, saving nearly £1,700 over the new model. 

Some models, in order to keep price rises to a minimum, have also seen specs tweaked downward which is a bit of a shame and a sign of the times in the bike industry at the moment. With raw materials, labour and global logistics prices going through the roof and manufacturers reluctant to add more than the normal 5-10% increase to bike prices each year, specifications have taken the brunt of it and this is the same across all bike manufacturers globally - we've seen the same of Cube and Haibike this year too. 

2023 Orbea Rise Models

As we have from the very first launch, E-Bikeshop will be stocking the complete range of 2023 Orbea Rise models. New models often sell out quickly, especially the "middle" models which tend to offer the best value specification for most riders so Pre-ordering from our incoming stock is almost always necessary to ensure you get the bike you want, as quickly as they land with us. 

Colourways -The 2023 Rise model range is available in two standard colourways on the Carbon range - Silver/Raw Carbon and (Chameleon) Green. The Alloy will be available in 3 colourways - Silver/Blue, Purple/Black and Brown/Black.

2023 Orbea Rise MyO

MyO with E-Bikeshop - We have a pre-agreed number of "MyO blanks" for rider customisation. These are "blank" frames in our allocation to be used by our customers looking to take advantage of the Orbeas MyO platform. Riders can completely customise their bike, including colour and all specification, right from the factory. This isn't always the fastest option if done direct, but we have delivery dates starting as early as April for custom Rise models. Please get in touch to secure one of these exclusive bikes because they're not available through our website. MyO is exclusively available for Carbon (M) frame models.


2023 Orbea Rise H Alloy models

Fitted with the 540Wh battery as standard, their marginally lower specification and cheaper to produce alloy frames make the Orbea Rise accessible and more appealing to a much wider ranger of riders than ever before. 

2023 Orbea Rise H30

2023 Orbea Rise H30 Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

Starting with the lowest price and working up, the 2023 Orbea Rise H30 is the cheapest way to get your way onto a super lightweight bike. Largely unchanged the bike sees the fitting of an EP6 motor instead of the EP8 from last year (identical bar its slightly heavier outer casing), and the swapping of a couple of items for Orbea's own fantastic range of "OC" branded items. At £4,999, its a great entry to the world of lightweight ebikes. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise H30

2023 Orbea Rise H20

2023 Orbea Rise H20 Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

Stepping in for the H15, the new 2023 Orbea Rise H20, this is probably one of the biggest specification changes, amounting to an almost totally separate model. The EP8 motor changes to an EP6, the forks are swapped out to a set of Fox Float 34 Performance and as with the H30, the changing of some components like bars and stems to Orbea's own OC components. It does benefit from a small brake upgrade for the new model year. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise H20

2023 Orbea Rise H10

2023 Orbea Rise H10 Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

The top model in the alloy framed line up, the 2023 Orbea Rise H10 has also seen a handful of specification changes for the new year. Now equipped with Fox 36 Performance forks, hybrid SLX/XT group set, it also takes advance of some of Orbea's own new OC components. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise H10

2023 Orbea Rise M Carbon models

Fitted with a 360Wh battery as standard but with the option to upgrade to a 540Wh battery and offering the lightest weight options in its class, the Orbea Rise M models are for those who need ultimate performance. With class leading componentry for the lowest possible weight, the carbon frame option is a trail beater with little competition. 

2023 Orbea Rise M20 

2023 Orbea Rise M20 Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

The entry level carbon model, this is the first step onto the ladder of super-lightweights for many. A specification similar to last year but a small suspension tweak to shave a little weight, the 2023 Orbea Rise M20 is a great way to start taking advantage of the performance benefits of light weight bikes. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise M20

2023 Orbea Rise M10

2023 Orbea Rise M10 Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

Each year, the "10" model normally represents the best value for the largest group of riders and the 2023 Orbea Rise M10 is no different. Offering the best all round performance for its price point, its the first in the range to get Kashima coated Fox equipment, as well as a complete Shimano XT group set. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise M10

2023 Orbea Rise M-Team

2023 Orbea Rise M-Team Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

Heading on our way to the top model is the 2023 Orbea Rise M-Team. A slight upgrade to the already very high specification Kashima coated fox equipment on the M10, the M-Team is also the only model in the range to get fully electronic gearing in the form of the Shimano XT Di2 set up with fully automatic cadence based shifting technology. 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise M-Team

2023 Orbea Rise M-Ltd

2023 Orbea Rise M-Ltd Alloy frame lightweight eMTB

At the absolute top end of the model line up, the 2023 Rise M-Ltd is the very peak of ultra-lightweight eMTB performance. Weighing in at just 15.9kg, the M-Ltd makes use of the very best components the mountain bike industry has to offer and you really need to take a look at the full specification on the product page to get a true understanding of just how high tech this bike is this year! 

Learn More about the brand new 2023 Orbea Rise M-Ltd

Ready to buy a 2022 or 2023 Orbea Rise model? 

If you've seen enough to make a decision on your new Orbea Rise, you can head over the the dedicated Orbea Rise collection on our website. 

If you're still struggling, stuck on the fence and need any other information at all, please Contact Us.

Our staff are all highly trained Rise riders and experts and if you Book a Showroom Appointment, you'll be able to see the biggest collection of Rise models on show in the UK. There are currently 40 Orbea Rise examples from 2022 and 2023 in our showroom, over 100 more in physical stock and even more available to us directly from Orbea. Whichever Rise you choose, we'll be here to support you. 

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